Microsoft Bringing Games For Windows To The Web Next Month

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#101 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2327 posts) -

Won't it be just like Direct2Drive or am I missing something? I like how easy Steam is to manage, download servers are fast and Steam Works is good. My only complaint would be I think their games are overpriced so I tend to go for the Ebay option a lot of the time.

#102 Posted by Diachron (88 posts) -

Steam's footprint has never been an issue for me.  GFW's somewhat narrow catalog, however, has been.  If this is just the first step of a re-boot for GWF, then so be it.  But until MS can match Steam's title breadth, and properly leverage the Power of the Cheevo, MS is just going to spin its wheels.

#103 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -

This is good for Steam. It should force them to go this direction as well. 

#104 Posted by dragonwarrior (43 posts) -

even through the competition is always good for us (users) but Steam already won! I expect AOE3 to be free with GAMES for windows :P

#105 Posted by puuhiss (9 posts) -

Microsoft. Psst! Guys! Google: Steam.

#106 Posted by RVonE (4710 posts) -
@puuhiss said:
"Microsoft. Psst! Guys! Google: Steam. "

Did you read the article?
#107 Edited by snaptroll (71 posts) -

I guess the question is, who would I rather give my money to? Awesome Valve, or Microsoft.

#108 Posted by Asrahn (557 posts) -
@Mikemcn said:
" Explain to me what the benefit is of having a web based client, the steam client doesn't take long to download at all on a different computer and you only need to do it once. "
This. And what of patches? Steam handles its automatic updating pretty well. How will Microsoft do it?
#109 Posted by Creigz (183 posts) -
@hematurge said:
" Too late Microsoft. "
#110 Posted by okron1k (6 posts) -

i want all my pc gaming in one place, and with all of the crazy deals we keep getting on steam the decision was already made for me.  but i really would like to see age of empires and flight simulator on the steam store.

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