Need help with some client troubles, namely signing in.

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This all seemed to happen this morning after having installed RE5 (which somehow went rather smoothly all ABSOLUTELY INSANE steam sales considered). Essentially the problem seems to be that Games For Windows has seemed to lock me out...or something equally as odd. I've tried uninstalling the client, reinstalling it, doing the same with RE5, updating my video card drivers, looking through countless forums, updating nearly everything on my PC, all to no avail. It still claims that my Windows Live ID password or ID itself is not valid and then  "a required windows component is disabled" pops up, which I've also looked up. Still nothing that helped. What makes this even more odd is...3 months ago(?) I was playing Dead Rising 2 on the PC with absolutely no troubles, the client was fine, and I would actually sign in.
This is just kind of infuriating considering I bought two copies so myself and a friend of mine could play co-op, but I'm lucky if I can get the game to run and play for one session at a time (single player of course) before having to restart my comp to play again because the game won't stop crashing on launch.
I hope this whole thing hasn't turned out to be completely incoherent, or if it comes across as a rambling madman's diary. Guess this is a help/venting thread, and I apologize if these aren't allowed in this particular forum. Any help would be very much appreciated though.
Thanks in advance, bombers.

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