Silly question about GFWL/XBL accounts

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I won RE5 PC from a contest but I don't have a PC that can run it, my local Walmart refused to accept it, and its resale value on ebay/amazon is only $25.
So I figure I'll just give it to my friend. My question is, if he were to play it using my Live account, would that be a red flag for MS? I have never used GFWL but I have logged into XBL pretty often from both my PC and my 360. I don't think it would be a problem right now, but when I get my 360 back from RROD it's possible that my account may be playing GFWL and XBL at the same time.
Would MS notice and take action? My educated guess is no, but I would like to hear educated guesses from the GB community.
And yes, I know that this is being an achievement whore. But my buddy is a PC/PS3 guy (and doesn't use GFWL), so I figure I might as well get some achieves from giving him a free game.

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