Why all the hate?

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It's alright for now. It is still kind of young, and it would be nice to see Microsoft at least pretend that they care about the PC client. 
I remember all of the hate for Steam back in the day when that rolled out. Now that was a broken piece of shit...Now look at where it is.

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I don't hate the service. Though I do find Steam better. I know that GFWL has better potential. I just wish they would promote it more and have a better understanding for modders.

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For me the best games are the ones that are available on steam and use GFWL for achievements.

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I like that they let you earn achievements offline.

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Edit: Oops, didn't notice the thread was old, sorry about that :(
@Zidd said:

Why do some PC gamers hate this service?

I'd love to tell you all about it, so I will. Spoiler'd because of some lightly foul language.

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@Ironlink: you should have made an online account to begin with then you would be able to recover your profile and it would allow you to restore your save.

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1.- I don't like to be forced into a service I don't want (lookign at you origin)

2.- Somewhat implements a closed platform into an open platform

3.- MS stoped suporting PC long ago.. now they see cash after digital distribution boom they back

4.- I don't want xbox in my pc I would get an xbox if so.

5.- Achievments are dumb

6.- Hack is down due to VAC and PnkBuster improvement.

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@Zidd: That doesn't solve the stupid nickname situation, nor the password annoyance. Maybe if I could sign in outside of the game, and keep it signed in between game launches (sort of like Steam), I could live with it. Now that I think about it, Steam allows multiple users to have the same nickname. I'm not trying to promote Steam, I've got one or two issues with them too. But GFWL really annoys me, it makes me not want to play games. Give me my god damn nickname!
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@Ironlink: You actually can change your gamertag it just costs $10.

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