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Gamov is a mysterious spy who wears a round pair of spectacles, a hat and a green trench coat. He is constantly following Ryu Hayabusa in the shadow as the latter ventures through the Holy Vigoor Empire. Throughout the game, he sets up Vigoor military forces against Ryu and observes their battles. He claims to know a lot about Rachel and the Dark Dragon Blade. Despite his appearance he was surprisingly quick and agile able to fall from the edge of a building and disappear below as well as effectively evade and defend himself against Rachel's attacks. 
He is an assistant to the Dark Disciple, a mysterious figure who is hellbent on finding the Dark Dragon Blade. Gamov gives him the most reliable information regularly. As he leads the Dark Disciple to the Dark Dragon Blade, his excellency decapitates Gamov with the cursed blade and instantly dies.
It is revealed in Ninja Gaiden II that he was the younger brother of Genshin.    

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