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Gangrel are vampires that can take the shape of wild animals with razor-sharp fangs and claws, and eyes that see in the dark. Their strength is formidable, but they lose control more easily than other vampires. Though some Gangrel may take the shape of wolves they are not to be confused with the sufferers of Lycantropy, otherwise known as Werewolves.


The Birds
*Zing!* - fortitude
Beast versus beast.

  • Animalism - summon ravens, bats, insects and ghostly wolves to protect you.

  • Fortitude - increases resistance to attack.

  • Protean - the various stages of transformation into so-called "War Form".

Notable Gangrel

  • Beckett - avid scholar and self-appointed vampire historian, an expert in Kindred culture and mythology.
  • The Southland Slasher - a vampire vigilante who tears his victims to shreds.

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