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Barb is an employee at Big Corp., run by Mr. Big. One day she is called into Mr. Big's office, who demands that she takes a vacation and equips her with a watch-like Stress-O-Meter. Distraught at her forced vacation and only allowed to return once the Stress-O-Meter goes down, she goes to her friend Flo's diner. Flo suggests Barb take up gardening, and when Cookie, the cook, announces that they are out of tomatoes, Barb sees a business opportunity and begins gardening on the roof of her apartment.

There are customers with specific requests called “tickets” that must be filled in order to finish the level. Pots need to be filled with soil (and fertilizer, which removes the time-penalty for filling pots, which goes up for larger pots), seeds need to be planted, and the plants must be cared for before ultimately being harvest and given to the customers. All plants must be watered and pruned, but most plants have a humorous additional care step that must be fulfilled. Roses like to listen to music, garlic needs to be sprayed the perfume and eggplants need to be sprayed to keep shiny. Peaches get cold and need hats and scarves, and pears need ice cubes. On occasion ants or caterpillars come and attack a plant, but can be removed using the Anti-Bug Spray. If the plants don't have their needs immediately dealt with the number of hearts (which shows their happiness) goes down, but can be restored either with Happy Plant Spray or by using bird seed to attract a bird.

At the beginning of all levels except for the first upgrades can be purchased. Many are only aesthetic, but others provide a gameplay update. Barb can get new running shoes to increase speed, fertilizer removes the fill time for adding soil to pots, the sprays take less time to work, and each pot can be upgraded once, either watering, pruning, playing music, spraying perfume, or harvesting.

There are a total of 50 levels evenly spread out over five venues: Rooftop Garden, Junkyard, Abandoned Factory, Playground, and the Big Corp Roof. Additionally there are two difficulty levels – Green Gardener and Handy Harvester, the latter which can only be accessed after completing the venue on Green Gardener.

From the main menu “Trophies” can be accessed. There are 10 trophies in total, 5 of which are for completing the 5 venues.

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