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The Gargant acts as a transport by crawling along the roots of the Iifa Tree, hanging upside down through tunnels. It is called by feeding it flowers that look like huge dandelions known as Gargant Grass. It is used several times during Final Fantasy IX.

The first appearance of the Gargant is in Gargan Roo underneath Doctor Tot's mansion in Treno. This Gargant appears to be tamed as it has a carriage for people hanging from its back. The Gargant is scared by two large snake-like enemies, the Ralvurahva and the Ralvuimago, going from Treno and Alexandria.

The second appearance of the Gargant is in Fossil Roo, connecting the Mist Continent to the Outer Continent. This Gargant appers to be wild and Zidane must grab on its back to ride. In Fossil Roo water is used to scare the Gargant from going down certain paths.

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