Garou or koF 98

#1 Posted by BoomShanka (39 posts) -

ive been thinking about which of these to get, ive played KoF games before (not 98) and enjoy them alot but ive heard so much good stuff about Garou, 
the only reason why i would chose KoF is because i know alot of the characters already and could proberly be able to jump straight in and enjoy the game, but i was pretty hooked on the demo. 
any suggestions would be great thanks :)

#2 Posted by CynageN (1165 posts) -

KoF will most likely have more people playing it online, especially with KoF 12 being.. in the state it's in. So I'd go for that, unless you've got tons of local competition because Garou is a great game as well.

#3 Posted by BoomShanka (39 posts) -

i mostly play these games with my husband i dont really go much online with fighting games because quite frankly im bloody awful at them

#4 Posted by PureRok (4236 posts) -

I'd probably get the one with the bigger cast of characters. I think Garou has about twelve or so. I don't have '98, so I don't know about that one.

#5 Posted by BoomShanka (39 posts) -

98 has loads i know that the only thing that is putting me off 98 that i have just learn't is that some one the menus are Japanese so I wouldnt have a clue what the hell i am picking in the options 

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