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Garrick is a Chaotic Neutral Bard who can be recruited in the city of Beregost in Baldur's Gate. He can be located outside an inn, where he offers the player three hundred gold to perform a task for his employer, the actress Silke. Silke attempts to trick the player into killing three men for her, but if the player sees through her intentions and kills her, Garrick will express that she got what she deserved for being so evil, and offer to join the group.  
He does not get along at all with Eldoth, the other bard in the game, but has a massive soft spot for Skie, Eldoth's girlfriend.
Garrick has a cameo appearance in Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn. There, he can be located outside the Order of the Radiant Heart, attempting to woo a female paladin, Lady Irlana, by feeding her lines he receives from a gnome named Cyrando. He fails miserably and Irlana falls for the true mind behind the pretty words, but Garrick is reported to run off with one of the bridesmaids at the ensuing wedding.
Garrick is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

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