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How abouts you post any good Garry's Mod video you create or find here! There's a wealth of hilarious, and remarkable, videos out there on the net but they're not always as easy to find as Youtube. Help the world by posting here.

(remember to credit the creator(s) when posting a video that's not your own)

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I code stuff for GMod using it's lua implementation.  Here's something I've been working on for quite awhile now.  Based off one of my favorite game series.

Code/Scripting - Me
Models - Nintendo
Model Rigging/Animating - FluxMage

I've gotten more done than this, like attacking, drowning, and stuff like that.  Only I haven't made a new video for it yet.

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Updated again, if anyone here cares.


I'll post a link to the download for you guys when I feel it's ready for release.
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Payback B!t(h

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