So I just got around to buying this and....

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I can't do anything right. :'( I've got a few helpful mods. Pheonix Storms models and SmartSnap. Even so, I can't seem to get anything aligned properly, even with easy weld.

Also, I haven't tried MP yet. Anyone got any suggestions?

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sidescroller said:
"Bellum said:
I thought it was a free user-created mod!"
Not if you want the full version. Its like 10 bucks on steam now.
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Gmod 9 was the last free version. It's only $10, but has a lot of features the last free version didn't have. Or at least, that's what they tell me. I did try the free version out a few years back, but only shortly and I can't remember anything. I do know that you can make some pretty awesome stuff, but I seem to be completely worthless.

Awesome stuff:

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