#1 Posted by BasketSnake (1424 posts) -

Stuff will be blown up. Stuff will explode. Do you have any videos to share with fellow builders?

#2 Posted by Masc0t (72 posts) -

I haven't played Garry's Mod for quite some time. I'm on the Facepunch forums more than I play GMod.

#3 Posted by Toseph (391 posts) -

I need to play some GMod I haven't touched it in ages I'll try and make some videos when I do

#4 Posted by svcheats1 (155 posts) -

I've got some neato videos I could post. How exactly should I do that? Should I just make a link to youtube or upload it to vidler?

#5 Posted by Virago (2563 posts) -

Click on the "html" blue button thing in the comment box (next to the picture icon) and then insert the html code there.

#6 Edited by svcheats1 (155 posts) -

When I go to the Videos page for garrys mod, there is no add videos button :O
I guess ill just make an new thread for the video.

#7 Posted by Gmanall (1707 posts) -

Yeah, like the rest I have to get back to playing it again.

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