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Gatherer's Gardens are the primary means of acquiring new plasmids, gene tonics, and extra equip-slots in the underwater dystopia, Rapture. These machines, adorned on either side by the likeness of a Little Sister , are more or less vending machines, and can be found scattered throughout the watery halls of the city. They, like most else in Rapture, revolve around the substance ADAM and require it in order to purchase the genetic modifications and other goods stored within. Prices of the products vary depending on what type of plasmid or tonic you are looking to purchase and also what level they are, as many have multiple tiers of power and effect. As you progress through the city, these new or improved  tonics and plasmids will become available, aiding you in coping with the increasingly difficult splicers.

A gift from Tenenbaum
In addition to being able to purchase items at the Gatherer's Garden, the machines also serve as a drop-point for gifts from Bridgette Tenenbaum, who rewards you for rescuing Little Sisters. For every three Little Sisters that you rescue, Tenenbaum will leave a gift in the form of a teddy bear at the foot of the next Gatherer's Garden that you come upon. Though you do not receive as much ADAM as you would by harvesting the Little Sisters, you are rewarded with 200 ADAM and the added bonus of various items and equipment that may prove useful, such as EVE hypos and ammunition.

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