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A gazebo is a small, open-air roofed structure typically found in parks and large gardens where people may relax.

The Dreaded Gazebo: A Dungeons & Dragons Tale

Though the exact details, such as the names of the players involved and the exact wording of the exchange that followed have been lost through retellings over the years, there is a story about an unusual event that transpired in a campaign when the Dungeon Master informed his players that their party was approaching a gazebo.  One of the players (we'll call him Eric) and the DM then had the following exchange:
Eric:  I hail it in Common.
DM:  You're hailing what?
Eric:  The gazebo.
DM: makes no response.
Eric:  Why not?
DM:  It's a gazebo.
Eric:  Does it look hostile?
DM:  It's a gazebo.
Eric:  Hmm.  All right, then.  I fire an arrow at it!
DM:  ...You strike the gazebo with an arrow.  It takes no damage.
Eric:  What, why not?
DM:  *Exasperated* It's a gazebo!

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