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Geared is a puzzle game for iOS devices. As with its predecessor, Geared, the object is very simple: use gears to connect a moving gear to some other gears. But of course, the level designs rapidly make this anything but easy.
Geared 2 currently contains three sets of 20 levels.
Geared 2's levels currently consist of the following elements:

  • A powered gear (yellow). This gear is always turning and provides the power source for the other gears on the level. It cannot be moved and is unaffected by gravity.
  • One or more target gears (blue). All of these gears must be spinning on order for the player to complete the level. These gears cannot be moved and are unaffected by gravity.
  • One or more movable gears (grey). Depending on the level, these gears may start the level either in the "toolbox" or already in position. These gears can be dragged around by the player, and the vast majority of levels involve dragging these gears to connect the powered gear to the target gears. These gears are affected by gravity; when released, they will fall unless they are supported by another gear.
In addition, there are three special gear types that are used on certain levels:
  • Self-propelled gears (orange): These gears have an arrow on them. They cannot be directly moved by the player. They are not affected by gravity; however, they generate their own "gravity". They will fall in the direction of the arrow unless they are supported by other gears. Typically, the level starts with the self-propelled gear being supported by a movable gear; when the player moves the movable gear, the self-propelled gear shifts, and cannot be put back in its former position without resetting the level. This can require the player to carefully plan the order of gear movements.
  • Sunlight gears (purple or green): These are movable gears. They can start the level in the "toolbox" or already in position, they can be dragged by the player, and can be affected by gravity. However, unlike normal gears, they generate a zone of light around them (but only when they're standing still -- they go dark while they're being dragged by the player). This has no effect on other gears, except...
  • Ghost gears (black or transparent): These gears cannot be moved by the player and are not affected by gravity. That's more, they are normally intangible -- they have no affect on other gears, even on other ghost gears. But while the zone of light from a sunlight gear falls on them, they become solid and interact normally with other gears.
There are also two types of special zones that can make things even more difficult:
  • No-Drop Zones: These are rectangular zones filled with X's. Gears cannot be moved into these zones by the player. However, gravity can cause gears to fall into these zones, and self-propelled gears can move into or through them as well. Many levels involve the player having to figure out how to drop gears into these zones from above.
  • No-Gear Zones: These are rectangular brick walls. No gears can enter these areas for any reason. Falling gears will land on them, self-propelled gears will be blocked by them, etc.

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