2010 Labor Day XP Event

#1 Posted by S0mewh4tD4m4ged (437 posts) -

 RT @GearsViking: Labor Day XP Event - XP multiplier will be # of Gears of War Facebook followers divided by 1000. http://www.facebook.com/gearsofwar
Please follow Gears of War on facebook...

#2 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I can't tell whether this is pretty awesome or super lame.

#3 Posted by Skytylz (4070 posts) -

So if a million people follow Gears, we get a 1000x multiplier?  I might play some gears then.

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#5 Posted by Linkin10362 (636 posts) -

If the link in the original post isn't working for people, here is the direct link

#6 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

I got my line dancing done during comic-con, but this seems like a great idea.

#7 Posted by S0mewh4tD4m4ged (437 posts) -

They are supposed to give something "special" for the gears of war 3 players that make it to 100 on gears 2. It could be something very simple such as a custom character skin or something a little nicer... Who knows...

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