31x XP Halloween Weekend Event

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October 29 - November 1 

Gears of War 2 XP will be multiplied by 31! This event's theme is chainsaw massacre and will also feature an annex achievement playlist
Rod Fergusson explains the two on his Twitter page:  

Horde Chainsaw Massacre = all gun wielding enemies carry Lancers, only enemies that can be chainsawed are spawned and no chainsaw interrupt.


And the Annex Achievement playlist means that Annex will be offered with only Flashback and Combustible maps so that it's easier to get.

So who is going to be playing some Gears this weekend? I'll definitely be playing at least one of those days. Level 100 gets closer which each special event.
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I got level 100 during the last big xp multiplier TU event. 
This time I might try to ruin people's boosting attempts just for fun (terrible i know, but ridiculously fun)

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I'll be playing with my friends, since I haven't played that much GoW2. Going to be awesome :)   

#4 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

fuuuuck.....god dammit first Fallout NV and now this? I'll never get around to playing Fable 3 =(

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Oh, wow, this thread is fucking weak sauce.  Anyways, if anyone wants to play some horde fellow bombers feel free to add me.  I'll be playing a lot today (Friday, 29th). Looking for some good chainsaw fun!  GT: ChernobylCow

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