Big News!

#1 Posted by War77Machine (224 posts) -

I got Gears Of War 2 today. I got it at around 12:00 Noon. Don't know why I got it a day early, but sent it yesterday and their estimated delivery was 3 to 5 days after it was posted. A couple of people of my friends list have got the game early too.

I will just summarise what I have done so far in the game:

  • I have played up to about Act 4 in the Campaign.
  • I played Horde for a bit where me and four other guys got up to Wave 4, which is okay I guess for our first time.
  • Also I paired up with my mate and went through the first Act in Campaign in Offline Coop.

As you may have guessed, I got a lot of people on my friends list messaging me asking how I got it a day early.

Overall I think the game is 3 times better than the first Gears Of War from what I have played so far.

I was planning to do the Fallout 3 Review today but that will have to wait until the weekend and then the weekend after that I will do the GOW2 Review. After this week there is COD5!

Holy Shit! As Carmine would say. We are in for a busy month.

See you on GOW2!

#2 Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver (455 posts) -

cool. I'm excited to pick up my copy tonight at midnight and play it all night long

#3 Posted by GamerGeek360 (2089 posts) -

Cool. Glad you are enjoying it.

#4 Posted by HistoryInRust (6565 posts) -

I also just received my copy today.  Thank you, Amazon. 

#5 Posted by Wuffi (245 posts) -

going to get it at circuit city tomorrow for the free 1600 points card.

#6 Posted by Riddler (1602 posts) -

8 more hours to go

#7 Posted by EpicBenjamin (669 posts) -

Gears 2 tomorrow...... can't wait...... *Thinks about those delicious headshots*


#8 Posted by HistoryInRust (6565 posts) -
EpicBenjamin said:
"Gears 2 tomorrow...... can't wait...... *Thinks about those delicious headshots*

FUCKIN' A++!!"
When I saw the package slip in my apartment mail box, I was so stoked.  The woman operating the apartment's front desk (where they have our packages, should we receive any) probably thought me a little weird for being so enthused about an eight-by-six box. 
#9 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

I wish I knew what online stores would do that. :P I'm jealous of you man. ;-)

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#11 Posted by Torb (612 posts) -

I want it.
Congrats on scoring the copy early

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