Carmine's Life in East Jacinto

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I was playing LIVE and I notices that he shouts something along the lines of "I'M GAY!" can someone tell me what he is really saying? Could is be engage?

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Dude you chose your first post on the forums to say this shit? What are you rabbiting on about?

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Drugs are fucking awesome.

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@Ertard said:
" Drugs are fucking awesome. "
Hey. Hey. Hey... MacGyver doesn't think so. You just made him cry a little inside.
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Macgyver supports the making and consuming of drugs. 
I heard Macgyver once made meth from listerine, tobacco and Pepto Bismol. He just cooked that shit up in a pan, and bam, grade A meth.

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So he's happy. So what?

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@natetodamax said:
"So he's happy. So what? "

So was he referring to gay as the 1950's sense or the new millenium sense?
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i dont know what to say...cheetos
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hej srry guyz. look how fucking uncool I am, I mean fuck dude, what a retarded fucking thread, what a fucking troll. I mean this is only my first forum on giant bomb, fuck me i must be doing less constructive stuff like, school, rather than the rest of you c00l d00dz hu ttly get wid bitches. fuck my life lol!!!

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@c1337us said:
" Dude you chose your first post on the forums to say this shit? What are you rabbiting on about? "
also I'm almost certain that taking rabbiting is not a verb, let alone a word.

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