Do you want the horror aspect back?

#1 Posted by Surge (12 posts) -

Gears 1 totally had some horror aspects to it, yet it really wasn't that scary.  From the new previews it looks like they've dropped that aspect, and personally I'm glad.

#2 Posted by lee7373 (28 posts) -

I don't really think it was meant to be a horror game, so I don't think there is a horror aspect to the game.

#3 Posted by SarazinRuin (157 posts) -

Gears 1 had horror?

#4 Posted by skjeggen (38 posts) -

Dont think you can count it as a horror game. Sure it has piles of blood and guts but..there aren't really any scary points ( well maybe if you are  a small child >.<).

#5 Posted by DemoMan (140 posts) -

nah I agree, Gears Of War was not designet as a horror game in any way, but just as a hardcore shooter with blood and guts. But I see what you mean, there was defiantly some moody atmosphere, but it was never quite horror..

#6 Posted by Hulk (428 posts) -

Only horror Hulk find in Gears 1 was the host advantage.  HULK SMASH PUNY HOSTS.

#7 Posted by TripMasterMunky (2402 posts) -

Remember the very first trailers for Gears 1? Those trailers were basically selling it as a horror game. That's the impression all the first trailers gave off. As far as the actual game, I think the only horror-themed part was Act 3. Which I liked a lot. Gears isn't trying to be RE or Condemned or anything, but I kinda like the horror-themed parts here and there.

#8 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

Gears should have had more of a horror aspect to it.  There just wasn't enough, the only thing that made me want to crap myself was the first time revealed Beserker chasing you.

#9 Posted by CryingHero (62 posts) -
I agree Alucard, Gears didn't have any real horror. If it were up to me I'd have had it a scarefest as the game graphics suited it. Cliffy B said during E3 that they've brightened the world and are focusing more on the action than anything else.
#10 Posted by Kenzo287 (722 posts) -

Horror or no horror I like fire and gears 2 gots it

#11 Posted by JoelTGM (5596 posts) -

Guys, the horror he is talking about is the parts where it was night time and kryll were everywhere, wretches would attack you, and then there were the ones that exploded.  That was cool and all, but I prefer day time battles, or at least no kryll to worry about.

#12 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

They should have day Kryll


#13 Posted by DorianBlack (311 posts) -

I prefer big battles rather than nerve racking corridor crawling and I don't think there was enough battles in the first one. Given the new boast of th Unreal engine to have many enemies on screen at once I'm sure they are going the route of big battles which pleases me.

#14 Posted by nrain (1274 posts) -

It definitely had some horror aspects, but it was just a hint. I thought the whole horror side was well done anyway and i hope to see a bit more of it in Gears 2.

#15 Posted by LouChou (458 posts) -

GOW was too punch-you-in-the-face action-centered to be scary. Bits made me jump, like that big spider-looking motherfucker dropping down from the top of the cave to beat your ass, but that wasn't executed with any particular suspense.

#16 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1406 posts) -

more horror would be cool but yeh Gears was great with only one act with a bit of horror (Act 3 definitely)

#17 Posted by Roybot (34 posts) -

I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a horror game but the one thing i remember is when you encounter the first berserker that just bust out of the wall.. MAN I was scared shitless, took me completely by surprise. I hope they keep doing some "surprise elements" like that in the sequel.

#18 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1035 posts) -

Speaking as a horror fan, I can honestly say there wasn't a single scary/creepy/frightening thing in the first GoW. Perhaps I'm simply jaded, but it just didn't scare me at all. But, like others have said, I don't think that was the designers' intention.

#19 Posted by MadMatr07 (200 posts) -

I think a good balance is in order. Maybe kind of have it like the first one where you had your daylight combat oriented levels and your other night time spooky slow levels. But not too much of either would be cool.

#20 Posted by TimeWaffle (946 posts) -

Gears 1 didn't have much horror but if they added some in gears 2 i would be pleased

#21 Posted by Player1 (3864 posts) -

Yes horror would be an added bonus. There was a couple parts in gears that made me jump...but really it wasnt to scary

#22 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

Yeah, I wish it did have an element of horor.

#23 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

There were some semi-horror aspects, similar to the Flood stages of Halo or Ravenholm and I hope that does come back.

#24 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

It never really seemed like a horror game in the first place.

#25 Posted by WhiteGoodman (2 posts) -

I hope their is a horror aspect to the game because it adds a lot to the game if u are on the edge of your seat not knowing when or where the next attack will come from

#26 Posted by MutenMiller (216 posts) -

I kind of liked the 'horror' aspects (ie/ when it went a little quiet and atmospheric, even though it wasn't actually scary) as a nice breather from the action every now and then. Walking through the forest to the mine facility thingy comes to mind.

#27 Posted by Shadz (198 posts) -

Gears 1 had a couple, even though they weren't that scary, but they had close-quarters areas where you would heard things in the background and stuff would jump out at you.  Gears 2 should do some of this.

#28 Posted by MasterSplinter (636 posts) -

I didn't notice any horror aspects to begin with.

#29 Posted by DarkLegend (1387 posts) -

Didn't know that the game was meant to be scary. 

#30 Posted by Charles (90 posts) -

I want high powered weapons and good sense of violence....Oh, Gears has that.... YAY!

#31 Posted by Charles (90 posts) -

I want high powered weapons and good sense of violence....Oh, Gears has that.... YAY!

#32 Posted by NinjaMunkey (204 posts) -

It was never scary, though that would be cool. They should have bit like resistance did, where it all dark apart from your small flashlight. That was pretty cool...

#33 Posted by samcotts (2258 posts) -

I'd prefer having huge battles to be honest. I think they should do one act where it feels like a horror game, just to add to the atmosphere and have a change of pace. I like Ninja's idea, of it being very dark with only your flashlight to show you the way.

Gears' strong point is the battles, and I'd much rather they stick to that on the most part.

#34 Posted by atejas (3057 posts) -

meh..gears is, to me, all about huge battles and that regard, it resembles its predecessor

#35 Posted by Sherlock_Pwnz (49 posts) -

I remember in early interviews there being word about the vague horror aspects they intended to implement. Personally, I felt that the most enjoyable sections of the game were the large outdoor daytime areas, making the game feel more like a tactical war not a struggle due to lighting conditions.

#36 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

I sure dooo

#37 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (735 posts) -

I don't recall a horror aspect in this game? You're a burly ass guy with a gun, plenty of ammo, 3 other burly ass guys and to top it off you have a chainsaw on your gun.

Just between me and you....I wouldn't be all that scared.

#38 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

I care about violence much more

#39 Posted by Nemesis (317 posts) -

Well the description on Xbox live marketplace for anything about GOW said it had horror elements. There are horror elements but they were not as scary as you might expect them to be.

#40 Posted by YourEvilTwin67 (22 posts) -

you could tell that in the first game they wanted a little bit just think of the first level when you see the wreches (im not sure if i spelled that right) clawing at you that had a little.

#41 Posted by toxicEnchiliada (330 posts) -

Well if you remember your first fight with a beserker that was slightly scary

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