First Video of Horde Mode

#1 Posted by SpaceInsomniac (4191 posts) -
The camera person gets their act together after a minute or so, but the person playing REALLY sucks.  Try to enjoy anyway.


#2 Posted by Kush (9089 posts) -

I'm really looking forward to Horde mode and it's one of the things that has started to get my excited for Gears 2. Too bad this video isn't that great in quality, but at least it gives some idea to how things will play out. Reminds me a bit of the challenge mode or whatever it was called from the Timesplitters games...

#3 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

It really looks sweet. I am so pumped for Gears 2.

#4 Posted by CB (129 posts) -

The video is taking a really long time to load for me.

#5 Posted by Hannibal (877 posts) -

Haha the person playing was effing terrible. Damn

#6 Posted by samcotts (2380 posts) -

It was pretty frustrating to watch him play. Still though, it looks sooo good!

I could see it getting real tense after the first few waves, with locust after locust coming at you.

#7 Posted by Ma7moud (834 posts) -

Looks great as always. I really want that game.

#8 Posted by FleaFive (24 posts) -

This mode looks awesome. I can see me and my buddies playing this for a long time. Even the bad quality of the video and the actual player didn't deter me.

#9 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3194 posts) -

Why do people who get to play new demos suck so bad at them? Remember the MGS4 demo videos? We could never get a good player until Kojima came out and played it himself.

#10 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -
Fr0Br0 said:
"Why do people who get to play new demos suck so bad at them? Remember the MGS4 demo videos? We could never get a good player until Kojima came out and played it himself.
I wish I could play the demo...
#11 Posted by JoelTGM (5782 posts) -

Looks great.  I can't wait for this game!

#12 Posted by Hulk (448 posts) -

Hulk love what Hulk see in this video.  Hulk want more Cole Train videos.

#13 Posted by REforever101 (292 posts) -

wtf is up with that video, it has to buffer every five seconds!

#14 Posted by pause422 (6237 posts) -

I think the mode itself looks really fun,however it would be nice if all those score calculations weren't coming up on the screen after every way,and instead only at the end when you finally die. Kind of slows down everything 10 seconds everytime you get through a wave.

#15 Posted by Blu_Magic (2026 posts) -

Man i'm bursting with excitement for Gears of War 2.

#16 Posted by Hulk (448 posts) -
REforever101 said:
"wtf is up with that video, it has to buffer every five seconds!
Hulk just go away for 20 minutes and let it load then Hulk watch.
#17 Posted by Aaron89 (100 posts) -

Awesome video, thanks. This mode will likely be one of my favourites, consistently trying to beat my score with friends. But I wonder, can you play Horde solo? Or does it have to be 2-5 players? Of course it'll be better with more than one player, but it's nice to have a quick warm-up before matches sometimes.

#18 Posted by Met2609 (635 posts) -

Looks good. I'm excited.

#19 Posted by brukaoru (5134 posts) -

Gah, sometimes I think a license should be required to hold a camera. -_-

A snowy environment? Nice. [*Waits for someone to compare it to Lost Planet*]  Horde mode looks like it will be tons of fun! :D

#20 Edited by Player1 (3997 posts) -

Sweet I cant wait for this. Now when we play gears 2 of my friends wont just have to sit on the couch and watch

I wonder if every level will look like that, or if they will vary in venues
#21 Posted by carzy (303 posts) -

good thing ff wasn't on lol

#22 Posted by shadowjak (474 posts) -

Daymn the person playing sucks. Horde looks fun though, I can definitely see me and my clan mates playing horde.

#23 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1578 posts) -

Lol a french player (he speaks french)
Can't wait for this game

#24 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Looks killer

#25 Posted by TheCreambun (135 posts) -

The mode looks awesome, but damn... I had to quit seeing the clip halfway through because of the horrible camera and lack of skills had by the player. Still I gotta ditto what everyone else said about being stoked about this game. Really looking forward to GoW2. This is the first time EVER I have been looking forward to a shooter and the E3 demo didnt make it any better :D

#26 Edited by DirrtyNinja (724 posts) -
Freakin sweet.
#27 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -

Looks great.

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