Gears 2 gold weapons.

#1 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1788 posts) -

Why are there gold weapons in this game? They don't mesh with the games design. Anyone who uses them just looks like a tool.

#2 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -
#3 Posted by ParanoidFreak (1461 posts) -

The gold weapons made me not want the collectors edition of the game. I'd feel like a complete douche using them.

#4 Edited by Video_Tycoon (313 posts) -

To show that you wasted an extra 10 bucks on a random disc and book. >_>

Sad thing is I have a golden lancer. >_<  Stupid brother.

#5 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

The gold weapons are something I can't have because my codes don't work. I'm not bitter.

#6 Posted by wefwefasdf (6729 posts) -

There is nothing wrong with them and you don't have to choose to use them anyways. 

#7 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I got a gold version of whatever the other standard weapon is...hammerburst or something. That shit just came with the regular edition and I'm never going to use it.

#8 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

I'm sucker for "strangely-plated" weapons. I "blinged" the weapons in Army Of Two, and I was happy to get and use the golden weapons for Gears Of War 2, The only thing, they should've changed the sight and highlight colors. Gold doesn't go well with red and blue.

#9 Posted by Raiden36O (123 posts) -

Yea they look stupid, guess some people are into that kind of thing tho. Maybe camo would have been better

#10 Posted by CaleShepard (100 posts) -

I'm all about collecting shit like that... I don't know why you specifically would NOT want one, because you don't HAVE to use it

#11 Posted by Psynapse (1064 posts) -

You guys are just jealous because my lancer is worth more than yours.

#12 Edited by Arkthemaniac (6535 posts) -
Psynapse said:
"You guys are just jealous because my lancer is worth more than yours."
I don't even have the game, so I'd hope your lancer is worth more.
#13 Posted by Green_Incarnate (1788 posts) -

Yes, I don't HAVE to use one, but I do HAVE to see every other jerk off on my team using one in multiplayer.

#14 Posted by GioVANNI (1288 posts) -

My teammate died on Horde with one, I picked it up, and I love it.  :o  I wish it had one.

#15 Posted by bombHills (632 posts) -

I like the idea of getting something extra in game, but the gold lancer looks lame.  I think it could have been done better, maybe a lancer that is compleatly covered in blood.  I don't want bling... it's just a shiny target, I purposely target anyone with a gold lancer first.

#16 Posted by kevinkhaos23 (10 posts) -
give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#17 Posted by JJOR64 (19003 posts) -

Why do you keep spam posting about wanting the gold weapons?  And why did you post in a really old thread?
#18 Posted by kevinkhaos23 (10 posts) -
cause i freakin want it
#19 Posted by JJOR64 (19003 posts) -

Well, you are just trolling.  Trolling is not cool.
#20 Posted by kevinkhaos23 (10 posts) -
my town doesnt even have a freakin game stop and it didnt sell the special edition at wal mart i couldnt get them
#21 Posted by Babble (1270 posts) -
kevinkhaos23 said:
@JJOR64: my town doesnt even have a freakin game stop and it didnt sell the special edition at wal mart i ... [more]
So you bumped a six month old topic? :P
#22 Posted by kevinkhaos23 (10 posts) -
so i wish i could get one
#23 Posted by Kenzo287 (722 posts) -

shiny = awesome

#24 Posted by nukesniper (1312 posts) -

I totally have and use the gold lancer when I play online. I'm currently skill level like 4 or something though. I'm totally a tool. 
Brother bought the game for the RC tank he got free. I got Gears 2 for nothing =P

#25 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1863 posts) -

I got the gold weapons, admittedly they look tacky but it didn't cost me anything (I picked up the collector's edition for the other extras).

#26 Posted by maxvandenderen (22 posts) -

I have the golden lancer, used to use it in the few weeks I played GOW2. The multiplayer just missed that spike, that thing that made you wanna keep on going, plus you couldnt use it offline in single player and coop, which made it feel like a complete loss

#27 Posted by Alphazero (1536 posts) -

The best part of the gold lancer, is that it drops gold clips when you reload. 
Other than that, not much point to it.

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