Gears 2 is awful.

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#101 Posted by crunchUK (5963 posts) -
sarahsdad said:
"crunchUK said:
What happens when you take away the flaming form that dialogue.
you make a typo that some dingbat will use to ignore your otherwise funny post?
Lord knows that's what I do.
#102 Posted by Krenor (471 posts) -

I think the game is great fun, the update have surely helped but its a pretty fun game for me

#103 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

Don't worry, the 3rd major update will be released in about a week or so.  Its going through confirmation by Microsoft which which can be a long process

If you don't beleive me go to the Official Gears of War Forums and check on the very top sticky noted forums created and managed by the creaters.

#104 Posted by Pitta (185 posts) -

Can you copy and paste the main post contents... I got banned from there cause one of thier mods was an asshole...

Gears is sadly kinda shitty... I loved 1, 2 not so much...

#105 Posted by natetodamax (19229 posts) -

This topic fails.

#106 Posted by Wolverine (4281 posts) -
SmugDarkLoser said:
"It's a pretty decent game, but seriously, gears 2 is awful.There's so many problems.Besides all the exploitation glitches ranging from the kung fu backflip to the shield cheat to the accidental ones of getting stuck in mid air and of course the host advantage and gun lag, the game isn't even close to balanced right.And biggest of all- it's impossible to find a match in a reasonable amount of time.Seriously?  Why did they think that it was okay to release a game that wasn't finished?"
Those problems are so annoying.
#107 Posted by Tom_H (53 posts) -

The single player campaign is 10x better than the original but the matchmaking when looking for games online is a bit too slow for my liking.

#108 Posted by Thunder (390 posts) -

I think the game was just rushed and the did not get the proper amount of time to work out all of the bugs.

#109 Posted by Lashe (1266 posts) -

I just picked this up yesterday so I experience it first time in its seemingly patched form. Absolutely love it though, the sense of scale this time round is.. well.. Epic, I guess haha.

#110 Posted by Benji311 (3 posts) -

Just because you don't enjoy the multiplayer, that doesn't make it an awful game.

#111 Posted by Alexander (1725 posts) -

I've been playing through the single player for the first time in instalments while over at a friend's and I'me loving the coop. It's such a well made, super polished game.

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