Gears Double XP This Weekend

#1 Posted by ShadowKiller (914 posts) -

Gears of War 2 will be celebrating this Labor Day weekend with another Double XP weekend. Here is Epic's quote:
" Got plans for this Labor Day weekend? Cancel them, because you’re going to be busy gearing up for battle in a Gears 2 multiplayer double XP event! From September 4 through 8, earn double experience for all games, plus an experience bonus of 500 for the winning team in a Public competitive multiplayer match. Plus, in Horde, matches default to Hardcore difficulty, with every tenth wave populated entirely by Sires. Get ready for action!"
I don't know about you guys but I take complete advantage of the double XP. I'll be playing Gears all of those 4 days.

#2 Posted by End_Boss (3363 posts) -

Great. Fantastic.
More stupid XP for a stupid XP system.

#3 Posted by Metroid545 (1839 posts) -

who still plays that online? Last time I tried too play it it took roughly 40 minutes to find a game of wingman

#4 Posted by ez123 (2010 posts) -

 Cool. I'll play at some point and try to make it to 50. 

#5 Posted by DerekDanahy (869 posts) -

I'm trying to make it to 55, I think I'm also going to get the Dark Corners DLC as well. 

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