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Anybody use this? When I log in with my gamertag it doesn't have any info about any of the public games I've played over xbox live.  The history says that I played 10 public matches back in February, which is before I ever played a single game online...

Is there something I haven't activated? The FAQ on the site says all you have to do is enter your gamertag.
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For some strange reason the website is delayed on the Stats, which honestly makes no sense seeing how the game is always current and ready to go. You would think both items are running off the same servers, why not link um together when you do somethin in the game....BAM its updated on the website....just my 2 cents!

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@scallywag179: I really don't use it. It says that I've gotten hundreds of more kills than deaths, which is impossible for me. Their stats are so confusing.

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