GoW2: "Old School Weekend"

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For those of you who havn't heard, as a follow up to last weeks 'Double Exp' Weekend Epic have announced that this weekend it will be 'Old-School Weekend'. Here is their statement from Gearsofwar.com

or those of you planning to fill the upcoming long weekend with a little
Gears 2, we’ve got something special in the works for you. From Friday, May 22, at 9 AM EST, through Tuesday, May 26, at 9 AM EST, Public multiplayer matches are going the way of Gears 1 in an “old school” weekend event, featuring four-on-four teams and Smoke Grenades without their concussive blast. These changes affect the Execution - Warzone, Annex - KOTH, Guardian - Submission and DLC playlists only, and remember—these are Gears 1 rules. Only four to a team!


I've played some matches so far and really enjoyed it. Plays quite differently with only four, allows you to attack a bit more but also be more co-ordinated with your team.

To clarify the smoke grenade change...basically if your NOT in cover the effect of a smoke grende will be to stun you. Not the usual type of stun where you fly about on the floor but instead, you 'freeze' on the spot for about 1.5 seconds (basically the same effect as a 'friendly-fire' mortar blast.

Anyone else liking this so far?
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I'm loving it, I really wish Epic sees how much better the game plays when the smoke grenades stun people instead of throwing people around like rag dolls and laying them out on the ground forever defenseless. The 4v4 is also going great, the action seems more streamlined and I havn't noticed as much of the typical Gears lag , maybe those two extra people are what does the trick.

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i could take or leave the 4v4 or 5v5.  I'm loving people not having smoke grenades to camp with.  having a cover based shooter where people can barricade themselves in a room opens up the floodgates of mediocrity and makes spawn camping a viable strategy.  if anything would be appropriate for an area of effect for smoke grenades it should be a movement speed penalty similar to the stopping power but without the damage.  maybe then people could tactically use smoke grenades instead of them being a crutch for the cheap and lame.

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I thought I would like it, but I never played GoW1 so I guess I can't appreciate it as much. 4v4 seems sort of small in comparison to 5v5. I thought that having minimal stun on smokes would be cool, but when three people rush you at once you have a very small chance of living/escaping.


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@TheFreeMan: but then that would be unfair to 3 guys that are rushing you. You could potential stun all 3 and kill them all or at least 1. And i hate 5v5 how theres always that 1 guy that sneaks up behind you. Having 1 less player to worry about makes it less chaotic and funner for me
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lemon360 said:
@TheFreeMan: but then that would be unfair to 3 guys that are rushing you. You could potential stun all 3 ... [more]
This is true, but I always thought that because of the cover-centric gameplay of the series that rushing someone generally shouldn't work. There should be some strategy. I often see flanking online or I perform some sort of flanking maneuvers while playing with my friends. If you are outnumbered and you get rushed then smokes should be some sort of escape plan. But with only minimal stun, you'd be lucky to get ten feet away before they lancer you down and gangrape you :l

You COULD stun and kill all three, or at least one, but that's when the game's running at best. 95% of the time, it runs too laggy for me to shotty someone when they're down (IE: I shoot at them at point blank range while aiming and literallly nothing happens), so I have to resort to the chainsaw. Which ends up with me dying by way of shotgun.

I like how, in 5v5, you always need to be watching your back, because the enemy needs to as well. It's not that hard for me to watch out for myself anyways-I just do a quick turn to see if anyone's sneaking up every few seconds or listen for a dive. I'm usually the shady guy doing the ambushing from around a corner.
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Ok, after playing OldSchool for most of the night i've came to the conclusion that it freaking rocks. It's sooooo much better than 5 v 5.

Those 2 less people really make the difference, much more room to manouvere, less chance of getting attacked 2 on 1 and the new smoke grenade effect is good, they arn't totally useless but don't slow the game down too much either.

If only Epic would keep it this way....

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Ugh. That would correct a lot of the complaints that I have about the multiplayer. I already got rid of Gears 2 though...

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