Has anyone made it to round 50?

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Some of my friends and I decided to play the game again today. And we made it to round 34 and 2 of my friends were gone (One in the bathroom and the other one died) so it was 3 of us left and basically I had 12 Boom Shots (Which is hard to store ammo for) and there were 3 guys left all holding that torq(Spelling?) bow. And they killed us because we got cocky.... Really pissed off about that. Well, anyway I never got to level 50. Has anyone else? How hard is it?

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Yeah i beat it. 
The trick is to play the map with the 4 way intersection with the huge hole in the center. Then split up in groups of two and run up the stairs on opposite sides of the map and then kill everyone. 
Edit: Day One is the map i was talking about, easiest map to beat horde on seeing you can not get flanked if you use my strategy.

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it can get pretty infuriating but it's doable as long as u pick a good map to do horde mode on and stick together. i've done it a few times with some of my friends back when the game first came out.

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I did it, best to have at least 3 to make the experience easy.

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no, Every since Epic gimped the game by patching it to be like gears of war 1.  Horde is quite hard to beat unless you have 4 players and they are all good and you use problems with the maps so you can't get flanked now, Even on easy.

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@zombie2011: I thought River was the best map because everyone can hold up in the house. That's the map we did. And this was our strategy. Shields on the entrance, 3 guys stay downstairs and just shoot everyone, One guy behind the pillars on the stairs holding the boom shot (me) and one guy who is the most accurate and uses the sniper or torq bow when it spawns.
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I got up to wave 45 by myself on Day 1. That was nerve wracking.

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@JoeRiccadonna: I use this map, and basically just go to where the Hammer/Mortor and Sniper/Bow spawn. The only way the enemy can get you is up the small stairs, and even if they manage to do that there is a wall you can hide behind and kill them all.
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I have gotten to level 50 before. Its easy as long as you and your friends have good strategy and pick a good map.

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I did it before any of the DLC came out.  Its a real time commitment and nobody ever wants to do it now :(

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Horde is reaaaaaaaallly  easy  to get to wave 50 on a few of the maps as long as you have 2-3 people and stick to a plan and a role ( one snipes, one hold the entrance one deals with shield management etc) it's really, really quite easy. Maps like day one and the snowy level with the two roads both have corners you can back into and funnel any locust coming at you to pick them off easily. I have done it a bunch of times. It really is very simple as long as everyone on your team (and it's very, very possible with only two people) is actually working as a team.
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I did all 50 waves in split screen with a friend that lived next door. Wasn't too bad.

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none of my friends have the game anymore but i'm down for it if anyone else is. i'm tryin to get my level up in multiplayer but it's no use cuz i haven't played in so long that i'm no good anymore so i'm lucky if i even get 1 kill.

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I did this back when the game came out, so I don't know what all the patch stuff is about to make it harder? But the map I used was pavilion, it has an easy place to fall back to and fight the later waves. 
Hide in the alcove where the shield spawns. Each round set up your shields at the entrance to this alcove, most enemies will not be able to get through, including boomers of all varieties. Only problem comes when enemies start kicking shields down, but if this happens have one or two players pick up a shield and sit at the entrance with shields up while the other two fire on enemies. Every tenth wave is very difficult when the bloodhound things come out but its manageable.

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You mean has anyone made it to round 50 during this whole Torque Bow Tag thing? I can't get my posse to try it, so I sure haven't.

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The problem with doing it there on pavillion is that you can have four people in that alcove with the shield and all it takes is for a kantus or  two to throw an ink grenade in there and it's game over. Day one is the best bet. it has space to back off. a shield close by, High ground and a torque/sniper spawn.
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@Toxin066 said:
" You mean has anyone made it to round 50 during this whole Torque Bow Tag thing? I can't get my posse to try it, so I sure haven't. "
What's the deal with the Torque Bow Tag thing? Is that there forever or are they going to get rid of it soon? Because I really hate. 
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@JoeRiccadonna:  I'm fairly certain it is just for this 25x exp event.
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Yep, it's pretty easy on security.

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Not in one shot but I did do it.  But now I have to do it on nowhere and a snowblind map for the achievement.  If anyone wants to get a group together preferably while their still giving out 25xp then lets do it.

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I made it to level 50 with three friends. Then, at the very end, our connection went all messed up and all but one of us were kicked out of the game with one dude. 3 hours for that. 
It was still fun though!

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I have made it to 42, still trying lol

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I found it was easiest to do on the map Security. You can lock yourself in and they only have 3 points of entry. I've only ever got to 50 on normal.

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I'm always teamed with little kills and people who quit after 20 rounds.

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Yeah, beat it a long time ago when it came out with a couple of friends and one of my brothers since they wanted to do so, and I didn't mind getting the Achievement. It gets boring long before you reach 50 though. I was dreading my time playing it nearing the end. But yeah, not too hard. Best times are when you're the only one left and you kill the remaining Locusts. It can be intense.
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@zombie2011 said:
" Yeah i beat it. The trick is to play the map with the 4 way intersection with the huge hole in the center. Then split up in groups of two and run up the stairs on opposite sides of the map and then kill everyone.  Edit: Day One is the map i was talking about, easiest map to beat horde on seeing you can not get flanked if you use my strategy. "
Ha yep easiest way to do it, AND One extra thing that we did if it was just the 2 of us we would take the shields that would drop (2 of em) and set them right at the top of the stairs the only creatures that can kick sheilds down are the basic soliders or crazy mutant thingies so all the wretches and the bigger guys just get caught there and you can just mow people down and we would pick them both up at the end of each round so we didn't lose the shields on the reset.
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Yeah I've been there.done that.got the achievement

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I didn't get to level 50 in GoW2 but I was around level 38 it's not that hard just time consuming and you need people that will stay the entire time cause there is always someone that leaves early. If any of you guys in this topic wanna play, add me on Xbox Live my Gamertag is ISuperGamerI thanks.

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when me and my friends did horde, we played on security. seemed to be the easiest one for us. i'm game for some horde mode though durin the 25x thing though. my gamertag is MasterShake352 so add me if any of ya wanna play

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The key to making it to level 50 in ANY of the maps is teamwork and location.  In the later levels, it is important to keep plenty of shields up to slow down the flow of the horde when they try to swarm you near the end of each wave.  Holding out at a location that has an ammo spawn can be a huge help so you don't all run out of ammo.  Use different weapon types so each of you isn't trying to pick up the same weapon ammo at the end of the waves.  Let the Horde come to you!  Although it's pretty cool in the early waves to take out the shotgun and go "hunting for Horde," in the later waves that will make you the first casualty.  Most of the maps can be done with just two players, but that can be a LONG and TEDIOUS process.  It's not tough to find a decent group of Gears 2 Horders - play ranked Horde and if you're playing with someone who works with you as a team and makes the Horde waves wet their pants in fright, add him to your friends list.  When it comes time to marathon up to wave 50, you should have a decent selection of Gears friends to invite into the game.   And yes, in case you were wondering, I've made it to level 50 a few times.
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Avalanche is really easy postion 1 guy in the cenrter and two guys at the top of the two stairs in the back, a mortar or mini gun spawns every round for the guy in the middle and he just provides fire forwherever the most dudes are. Also after you kill some guys with shileds plant them on the stairs it prevents the the riders from getting up their. You just have to remember to pick them at the end of each round and then plant them back down once the next wave has started.

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