I just started the campaign, when should I play Road to Ruin?

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I just got Gears of War 2 and All Fronts. Yes, I realize I'm late to the party. I haven't played the campaign yet and I was wondering if I should play the deleted scene, Road to Ruin, as part of it. If so, where does it fit in?

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It's late in the game. I recommend waiting until after you beat the campaign to play the Road to Ruin content. If you rather play in when it was supposed to occur, it is when Marcus asks Dom if he wants to go in guns blazing or try another idea (you'll know it when you get there). Dom will opt for the direct option (which is funny because both options are in the deleted content; you never experience either approach in the main game). This is the point where you can go back to the main menu and play the deleted content. It will not affect your main game progress in case you were wondering.

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Thanks for the help, that's exactly what I was looking for.

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