Is Active Reload fair?

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...What?  Why wouldn't it be?
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Everyone can active reload, so why wouldn't it be fair?

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Stupidest complaint ever, active realod as a simple as anything and everyone can do it of course it's fair.
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Terrible poll is terrible.

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It's a gameplay element, for God's sake. Maybe you should complain more about shooters in general being difficult for some people. It seems more like a valid argument staging.

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Yes; there's nothing wrong with active reloads. The only people who make it look silly are the ones who purposely waste an entire clip of ammo at the beginning of a match just to get that "initial advantage," which ends up not being all that significant anyway.

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Anyone can do it at any time...its fine. Also, it seems like you're several years too late to complain about such a thing.

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I don't play Gears, I've only played the second one once, but even then after maybe an hour of playing I got the reloading thing down, with very few mistakes. I didn't even know what it was when I started the game so I had to try to figure it out myself why I was reloading so slowly.

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Active reload can be done by anyone, and is easy to do to begin wtih. So I can't see how it's not fair. 

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Everyone gets the same opportunity to active reload, and it is extremely easy to time as well. In my opinion, yes, it is fair.

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I actually really like active reload.  It makes you think a bit more about reloading.  I could understand if you were complaining about the active reload sniper rifle in GoW1 but they fixed that in GoW2. 
The only thing that really annoys me about gears online play is grenade tagging.  There are far too many people tagging grenades to walls and waiting for people to walk past.  I know there are counters but those guys piss me off.

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Not only that... this thread should be in the GoW section.

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@mikeeegeee said:
" Not only that... this thread should be in the GoW section. "
I was thinking the same thing.
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Who actually voted no? I mean seriously?

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@FlamingHobo said:

" @mikeeegeee said:

" Not only that... this thread should be in the GoW section. "
I was thinking the same thing. "
It could also be in the Active Reload forum.
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@Vinchenzo said:
" Terrible poll is terrible. "
Why wouldn't it be fair?
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Yea sure why not.
Now on the other hand, walking slowly while pressing your finger to your ear... that's total bullshit.

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It is totally fair but stupid, why does reloading perfectly make your bullets due more damage
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@FluxWaveZ said:
" ...What?  Why wouldn't it be? "
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@Karmum said:
" @FlamingHobo said:

" @mikeeegeee said:

" Not only that... this thread should be in the GoW section. "
I was thinking the same thing. "
It could also be in the Active Reload forum. "
That would be crazy.
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It's in the game so it's fair.

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i dont see how it isnt
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I don't mind it, as it does take some amount of skill to time correctly and anyone can do it. It's a hell of a lot better than fucking two piece-ing that's for damn sure.

#26 Posted by ArchScabby (5877 posts) -

how would it not be fair?  Everyone can do it, and it isn't hard to do.  That's like saying moving isn't fair because it makes someone harder to shoot.

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It's fair, yes.
 But host active reload should be nerfed.

#28 Posted by GunstarRed (5828 posts) -

it's pretty unfair, sometimes it sends me emails and tells me about how I've been wasting my life.  
I always forget how much skill and effort it takes to press the right bumper twice.

#29 Posted by Otacon (2252 posts) -

It's a really clever system, of course it's fair 

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I get the impression that you can't active reload to save your life.
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@FluxWaveZ said:
" ...What?  Why wouldn't it be? "
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Of course it is, its like when people complain about COD4's p90, sure it is really good. But EVERYONE CAN USE IT, if theres that much of an advantage, everyone will start using it. And then the playing field will be fair.
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Yes it is fair. Everyone has it at their disposal. 
Speaking as a person who is not that good at Gears, I still think it is perfectly fair online. If you can consistently hit those even during the craziest crap in online matches, you deserve the boost. I lose my timing when too much is going on around me.

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The only time it wasn't fair was in Gears 1 when an "actively reloaded" sniper rifle could down someone in one shot. But they addressed that issue in Gears 2, so no.

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why wouldnt it be?
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It's a dumb feature but it's not gamebreaking. In the first Gears it was, but aside from the overpowered Hammerburst, the active reload doesn't do much in Gears 2.

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If you cant get the active reload down within an hour of playing gears of war then you should just stop playing video games all together because honestly, your terrible.
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Way to make a thread about a complete non-issue.

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@Matfei90 said:
" Way to make a thread about a complete non-issue. "
Way to bump a thread that's about a complete non-issue.
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@Matfei90: Why post in the fucking thread then . Idiot
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@Fezz said:
" Everyone can active reload, so why wouldn't it be fair? "

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