Is Gears 2 CE Worth the Money

#1 Posted by MrWillz (60 posts) -

I am gong to pick up my Gears 2 preorder today but I preordered both the normal and CE versions.  So can anyone tell me if the CE is worth the extra money.

#2 Posted by mordecaix7 (726 posts) -

I love making of DVDs and art/info books so it's totally worth it for me.  Sometimes I think it makes you anticipate the game a lot more because it's kind of special.  It's got extra stuff in it to look at and get you pumped for it.  I didn't do the CE version of Gears 1 and I never felt like it was any type of special event.  I reserved the CE for Gears 2 and now i'm uber anticipating picking it up today!  Kinda like the day before christmas when everything is just awesome :)

#3 Posted by Wuffi (245 posts) -

sure it rapes the fable2 ce crap

#4 Posted by Babble (1276 posts) -

I'm getting it, I got it on Newegg though for around $66 so it wasn't that bad, plus it had free shipping and no tax.

#5 Posted by Gnat (90 posts) -

what about the little rc thing

#6 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

meh.  I guess Gears isn't a universe I care a whole lot about.  I mean it's a fantastic game (just bought it), but the universe just isn't as interesting as something like Halo.

#7 Posted by Lozz (375 posts) -

Does anyone know how long the making of DVD stuff is?

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