Is Gears of War 2 worth it for the single player?

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I've been considering buying Gears 2 for a long time. I loved both Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space to death, and the gameplay in Gears certainly looks similar. Thing is, I'm not much of a multiplayer man. If I get it, I'll probably not spend a lot of time(if any) playing online. So I'm wondering if it's worth buying the game just for the single player?

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The single player was personally my favorite part of the game so yes it is worth it.

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Singleplayer is pretty meh. The plot is a joke, but the action is pretty nice.
Ideally, play it co-op with a friend. Then it becomes great fun.

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yessir, its rock solid.

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How long is the campaign?

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If you're only interested in the single-player, I'd say to give it a rental. The campaign shouldn't take you much more than 10 hours or so (unless you crank up the difficulty) and there isn't much replayability, unless you're interesting in finding all of the collectible items. And, even if you're not interested in the multiplayer now, I suggest you at least check out Horde mode -- it's pretty fun/addicting.

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It should be about 40 dollars right now, the campaign is worth it along with horde mode. Have you played the first Gears? if not pick it up for cheap, it's worth it.

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Thing is, there is no rental service around these parts. So if I want to play the game, I have no option but to buy it...

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Once you beat the single-player a few times, you will most likely get bored with it. It's fun, but after several playthroughs it kinda went meh

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It is great if you play in co-op, as for playing by yourself, it is okay. I'm finding it hard to play Gears of War 2 again to get some of the singleplayer achievements.

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The single player is definitely far better than the first game.  I would consider the game worthy of a purchase even if you do not play multiplayer.  I never play online multiplayer with Gears 2, but I do play local multiplayer and just use bots to fill empty slots.

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In my opinion, yes definately. Co-operative playonly makes it even better and multiplayer is great also. Gears 2 is a great package. But even if you only ever play the campaign on your own its still worth it. You just wont get the most out of it.

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The single player was the shit.

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Thanks for the responses, seems it'll be a buy. It'll have to wait though, with all the upcoming releases there just isn't enough money for it(unless I can find it cheap).

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Most definitely. The campaign was a blast. I thoroughly loved it, even when playing all by myself. It's even better in co-op. I still haven't really messed with the online features much, but if you ask me, the campaign alone is definitely worth $60.

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Oh fuck yes!
Best single player game ive ever played!
Man i laughed and cryed and kicked some locust butt!
Gears 1 and 2 by far best games ive ever played!

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I think it's definitely worth it for SP, especially since you can play MP matches with bots and you can attempt to play Horde by yourself...probably won't get far :P

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I'd say no. There's not much variety in the way you beat the missions. You are on a pretty set path the entire time so its not like you'll play through it any differently one time than another. Not worth it.

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Campaign, Horde, and offline multiplayer, I think it's a rock solid purchase.

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me i just played the single player and havent et tried the online... but it seem online has alot to offer but playing single player is defently worth your while 

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2 player horde is damn awesome

As for the campaign, it has some pretty good moments (like the attack jacinto and the assault derrick whatchamacalit level on act 1), and some pretty lame moments (endless tramping through nexus with dom) but overall it's pretty epic. And insane mode is way hard

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A whole-hearted yes from me. I enjoyed it immensely (Still have to go through it on Insane to net the hardcore/insane achievements too), which I'm looking forward to getting around to.

So pick it up! :D

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I would say yes for two reasons:  the campaign is good and you will want to play it through more than once, and also you can experience the multiplayer maps and game modes without playing online, by setting up bots at any of the same difficulty settings as the campaign:  casual, hardcore, and insane.

The only thing you'd really be missing out on is Horde mode, since it's near impossible to do well solo, but you could always have friends over and split-screen it.

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I actually never play online unless its with friends.  All we do is have some two on two matches or just try to get through horde mode.  But yeah, if you got friends and play the co-op and the horde mode with them, then its definitely worth it.  It is a great game even if you dont do that, the campaign is pretty fun.

#27 Posted by brukaoru (5080 posts) -

Certainly so. The campaign isn't long, probably about 8 hours, but it has great replay value just like the first game.

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The single player campaign is great stuff. The multiplayer even more so.

Of course you get the point I enjoyed Gears of War 2 a lot.

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Yep, single is mad.

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just rent it.
I had fun with it.

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Gears 2 was amazing SP.  Much better campaign than the first one.  Bots for versus mode (so you can play the same game modes of people online, but without lag or assholes), Horde mode is very difficult by yourself but still fun.

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Icemael said:
"I've been considering buying Gears 2 for a long time. I loved both Resident Evil 4 and Dead Space to death, and the gameplay in Gears certainly looks similar. Thing is, I'm not much of a multiplayer man. If I get it, I'll probably not spend a lot of time(if any) playing online. So I'm wondering if it's worth buying the game just for the single player?"
I really loved the original Gear's Single player but didn't really like the 2nd games' as much.
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I would say that it is well worth it, even just for the single player, but that's just my opinion.  As someone already mentioned, even if you're not normally into online multiplayer experiences, you should still give Horde a try online, since it is completely different from the regular deathmatch-type experiences and it provides near unlimited replay value, especially with friends.  The campaign doesn't have too much replay value without a co-op buddy, but the first campaign play through will probably be a great experience.  I say probably because it's still a matter of taste.  For example, you mentioned Resident Evil and Dead Space, those games aren't too similar to Gears.  Yes, they too are 3rd person shooters, but both RE and Dead Space are more horror based, slower paced, and more plot driven (based on uncovering mystery) than Gears 2.  On the other hand, Gears 2 has a more cinematic action experience and intuitively tightened controls for bad-ass firefights.  For what Gears is, I think it executes almost flawlessly.  If you find entertainment in Aliens and Terminator 2, and you like videogames, it is highly probably that you will find Gears 2's campaign and horde a worthwhile experience.

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I haven't even played the multiplayer but the single player is great and I think it's worth it just for that.


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