looking for gears 2 multi teammates. anyone wanna play??

#1 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

i'm getting sick and tired of playing gears 2 and the random teammates that i get in warzone. i get downed and no one ever comes over to revive me even if they are right there next to me. they revive other teammates but not me and it's startin to really get on my nerves. i need teammates that will actually play as a team and so i look to you, giantbomb community. will you please help me in my quest to have a good time and actually have fun? i'm not very good at all and i'll admit that whole-heartedly but i just wanna have fun instead of just having the urge to throw my controller every game in frustration because of my teammates.

#2 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4941 posts) -

I'm more into horde right this second for the weekend with the torq tag, and 25xp...ect

#3 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

i'd play horde. doesn't matter what the game mode is. cliffy b is hinting at something in the works for those who get their wings so i'm up for anything.

#4 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

i guess no one wants to play......*sigh*

#5 Posted by ColinWright (753 posts) -

People still play this game?

#6 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

yea and it's x25 experience for labor day weekend. i guess barely anyone on here plays though. ohwell....

#7 Edited by PixieNinja (207 posts) -

I've been on it for several hours this weekend - didn't like the changes to Horde, makes Insane run throughs too much of a handful with all those torque bows. 
Discovered the wonders of boosting King of the Hill matches - so long as everyone involved is up for maximizing the XP, each match of 3 rounds can net you 550,000-580,000 XP. On my first game of this, one of my team mates went from level 1 to 46 in one go. It's scary. I managed to get from 55 to 93, so hopefully one big push left sometime before the current bonus is done with.
Bed, at last...
#8 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

like i said, i'm game for any game mode if anyone wants to play.

#9 Posted by Joeybagad0nutz (1496 posts) -
@WilliamRLBaker said:
" I'm more into horde right this second for the weekend with the torq tag, and 25xp...ect "
Yea why did they put that in? It's pissing me off. The torq tag shit. 
#10 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

i always hated when the enemies had the torque bow on them in horde.

#11 Posted by Joeybagad0nutz (1496 posts) -
@suikoden352: Yea I liked it better when it was just them holding the semi-automatic rifle.
#12 Posted by suikoden352 (485 posts) -

yea. tru tru. after this holiday weekend though it won't matter cuz then i'll go back to normal without the experience bonus. was hopin to get my level up and get my wings on gears 2 but idk if that'll happen though. i'd have to play all tonight and tomorrow to prolly get them with the experience bonus. was hopin to get some giant bomb ppl together to throw down on the horde and everyone else to hopefully make it easier but ohwell.

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