Multiplayer Guide?

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Is any MP guide in the midst, or has anybody started one yet? If they haven't, is anybody interested in doing one for Gears of War 2?

Anybody want to board this train?

Edit - I'm not talking about one similar to Jeff's, but description of all the weapons, and general tips and information on all the maps and such. If you saw the collaboration of the first Gears of War guide (which I have now deleted, was never completed), it would fall under those ideas.

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I think its a great idea.  I was looking for something just like that with tips and map layouts

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Going to assume there isn't one in the midst, and will begin the process of a guide.

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I'm not huge Gears fan, but if I can help at all I will gladly lend my expertise. ...I should probably make a guide devoted on using the Mortar gun properly. :P

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