Online issues.

#1 Posted by Slydotcom (107 posts) -

Anyone but me that can't get into a game in gears 2? It doesn't matter what day or what mode i'm playing.. i just can't find any players....

#2 Posted by SashaNYI (33 posts) -

Gears always has a ton of people playing. Router problems, perhaps?

#3 Posted by Slydotcom (107 posts) -

I don't think it's the router... since it works sometimes..and all the other games.. halo 3,forza and gears 1 works perfectly.

#4 Posted by osuzoo08 (96 posts) -

Yeah I am having the same issue I hope something happens to make it better before labor day. But I figure that this is the perfect time to get my annex achievement because it will just put me in a room full of bots. 

#5 Edited by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

Same thing was happening to me. I then bought the map pack bundle and chose a DLC playlist. Suddenly, there were people playing! :)

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