Out of Service: A Gears of War 2 machinima - Looking for Actors

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Looking for anybody actors for a Gears of War 2 machinima currently in production. The series is called Out of Service, a tragically dark comedy about soldiers trying to escape the war. So far we have a trailer and one episode done. We are currently in the process of filming episode 2 on the map Gridlock and could use any and all help.

Here's a brief a trailer...

There are virtually no requirements for actors, only that you have the Gridlock map, and are willing to listen to directions carefully.

For more information, email george@dotswoof.com. Filming begins in one week, so don't wait.

I was asked on a few forums if we are also looking for voice actors, we are. However we have already casted all the characters for the first three episodes, but could always use more actors. Since this is an extremely dark comedy, about ten characters die in the first three episodes, so we could always use new voice actors to help fill in for those characters.


Out of Service
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I saw. I came. I left.

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hm. are you gonna be hosting on machinima.com? u should, if you get featured on the yt channel you can get big.

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I would volunteer but I do not have gridlock :'(

If you ever do anything that isn't on gridlock hit me up.

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This sounds like the kind of thing I have to moderatley not suck at acting to be part of

But I dont Have a 360 or Gears anyway, but looking forward to watching it
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I guess I could as I love to support a cause. I also have a bit of acting experience, so that helps.

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I've got a fair amount of acting experience (it was going to be my career of choice up until a little while ago), so I wouldn't mind giving this a go. I also have the Gridlock map, so there ya' go. In case you need it, my gamertag is Easy Boss.

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Thanks for the responses. We're still looking for people to act in game and do some voice acting. We've posted a short preview of episode 1 to give people an idea of what type of comedy and show we're doing.


Here's a link to everything you would need to know if you're interested in helping in any way shape or form.


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@lemon360 said:
" hm. are you gonna be hosting on machinima.com? u should, if you get featured on the yt channel you can get big. "
We posted it on their servers a few weeks ago and they e-mailed us back saying the audio got messed up on their end so we had to reupload it. Waiting for it be approved again.
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@texaseanacre: I'm not crazy about the trailer because it is a little to violent for my taste. Sorry, I still check it out when the first episode comes out though.
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@lemon360 said:
" hm. are you gonna be hosting on machinima.com? u should, if you get featured on the yt channel you can get big. "
We uploaded it a few weeks ago but the guys over at machinima sent us an e-mail saying the audio messed up on their end. So we had to reupload it and we're just waiting for it to be approved again.

@End_Boss - We sent you a friend request on Live if you didn't get it already.
@systech - Yeah, if you wanna help just add the gamertag and just contact us when you're free to help. Or e-mail us, whichever works for you.
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Is this going to be like the Red vs Blue for Gears of War.

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I wouldn't mind helping out.

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Hope you get everyone you need. Best of luck with this! The preview is great, will be interesting in seeing this progress. :)

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Yeah it's cool man. It's got potential.

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That was pretty good!  Hear anything about getting it hosted on Machinima's channel yet?

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@Vito_Raliffe:   We posted it on their site and have gotten a little over 130 views on it but otherwise no word. I'm not sure how they really go about picking it out of the bunch, although they're FAQ says they pick videos that they think has great video quality and is just a good vid. However, some of the stuff they post as featured or on their YouTube channel is pretty freaking weak.

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