PSA For Those Who Care About Ranking Up

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I know some (most?) of you don't care but there's a good amount of the Gears 2 community who are looking to rank up to lvl 100 before Gears 3 hits shelves. I'm well on my way to reaching this goal thanks to some of these crazy games I have been recently joining. Basically, if you want a relatively easy and quick way to rank up, just go search for a King of The Hill Social Match (All DLC maps are required to join this playlist)

Here's what a game looks like when everyone is cooperating to game the system for points. (Availability of dancing Minhs may vary)

Twirling your smoke grenade around like an idiot is the general call sign that you want to participate in this nonsense. Not every game will be like this but there are a lot of them out there so feel free to back out of a match and search for a new one.

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Whip your smoke grenade back and forth?

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You better hurry up getting to 100, not long left now.

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Speaking of Gears multiplayer, I really hope it's better in Gears 3. Gears 2 disappointing for me.

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Damn, wish i didn't have home work, could get some serious leveling done.

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@JJOR64: It is and I agree.

@KarlPilkington said:

You better hurry up getting to 100, not long left now.

11 levels to go now. I'll probably be hitting 100 faster than expected. Also, it didn't take long for someone to be bored enough to shoot a swastika on the wall.

I tried to lighten the mood by shooting a smiley face on the wall but now it looks like I'm a supporter.

@Cslaw: Don't worry, these shenanigans should be happening all throughout the week until Gears 3 is out.

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Thanks for the info.
On an unrelated note, we play as the same characters.
Raam for Locust
Baird for COG.

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God - me and bru are smashing our way through Wingman every hour i aint at work - im halfway to 86 and it's still taking forever to level up - so damn hard to win that mode!

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