Should Epic Games Add a THEATRE Mode Post-Release?

#1 Posted by Aaron89 (100 posts) -

Sadly, Epic confirmed that a theatre mode in Gears of War 2 is non-existent due to time constraints in a past interview (although I'm still hoping it isn't true). However, it's completely possible through an update to the game, which is what I'm hoping for. Although I don't want this game to be "exactly" like Halo 3, this is one feature I just loved to use. Party up with a few friends and watch a match you just played - whether to see how you dominated, or to learn the tactics of the opposing team.

Additionally, the screenshot feature is already quite feature-filled, but only lacks the video component. You can zoom around and see all the action already - all Epic needs to do is find a way to save all the data in a match and make it replayable from the HDD.

Would you like to see this feature implemented in Gears of War 2? What do you think the probability is that it can be added via downloadable content (update)?

#2 Posted by crunchUK (6052 posts) -

hm it's possible who knows they might release an upgrade to it with some maps or something

#3 Posted by JumpingRetards (58 posts) -

First I want them to fix the fuckin lag.  But yeah, the theatre mode was one of my favorite things about halo 3 and it would be good to have it in gears.

#4 Posted by Gaius (149 posts) -

It's definitely possible, and I would really like for that to happen.  A theatre mode would be a perfect fit for Gears of War 2.  However, realistically, I don't think it's going to happen, but I won't give up hope yet.

#5 Posted by Shawn (3843 posts) -

You mean LAZERZ (plural)?

#6 Posted by pause422 (6263 posts) -

no one knows if it isn't there to begin with, but if it isn't (assuming its not) I doubt they'll add it on later.

#7 Posted by Blu_Magic (2026 posts) -

It would be a nice addition but I could live without it.

#8 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1476 posts) -

Why? Who wants to watch vids instead of play whenever I saw someone in theater mode in Halo 3 I usually just laughed

#9 Posted by Shawn (3843 posts) -

Yeah I don't think theater mode would fit in GoW as it did on Halo.

#10 Posted by Player1 (4006 posts) -

A theatre mode would be sooo awesome in this game. It has alot more O SNAP moments during the campaign then halo 3. I would love them to add it in a update, and would expect that. Cliff promised it, so I see it coming. Hopfully

#11 Posted by crunchUK (6052 posts) -

OH YEAH and a theater mode would be AWESOME for machinimas!

#12 Posted by Burns09 (349 posts) -

If they did add a theater I would want to be able to view my videos on my pc. The theater on halo 3 was a good idea, but only viewable on the console is what ruined it imo.

#13 Posted by Blu_Magic (2026 posts) -
Burns09 said:
"If they did add a theater I would want to be able to view my videos on my pc. The theater on halo 3 was a good idea, but only viewable on the console is what ruined it imo."
Agreed. I rarely used the theater mode in halo 3 because of that.
#14 Posted by Vlademir (1083 posts) -

It would be a nice feature but it's not like halo where you want to re-watch your game because of some crazy way you managed to kill 12 people at once.

#15 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1476 posts) -

Whenever I saw someone in theater in Halo I just assumed wow what a MLG loser. So no they have also said that it would take time out of stuff like new maps .

#16 Posted by Riddler (1602 posts) -
#17 Posted by wefwefasdf (6730 posts) -

It would be a pretty cool feature as an add on but if they decided to add it last minutes I would be disappointed.

#18 Posted by Aaron89 (100 posts) -
Riddler said:

rod feguson said in an interview, " wanna play the game this year right? so its not gonna happen

I know, that's why I said post-release, meaning after the game is already shipped. It wouldn't be that much extra work; the party system is already there, the awesome new screenshot thing is also (ability to pan around during live action). All they really need to do is save all the data to the HDD to be replayed at a later time.

I'm sure it won't happen, but it'll be nice to have in the cases where you headshot an entire team ... or you manage to win a  1 vs. 5 ranked match.

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