So question about the single player

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This game looks intriguing to me, but one thing I'm not sure of is the Chainsaw Battles. How do they work? Are they quicktime events? Because I'm really bad at those, do they factor at all into single player? Would I be able to complete the game without engaging in one?

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if it happens then you pretty much just mash on the x button, but it doesn't happen a whole lot in the single player campaign

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It happened twice to me

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Whenever you attempt to chainsaw an opponent who has his Lancer out, and you approach him from the front (or if someone approaches you from the front with a chainsaw and you have your Lancer out), a chainsaw battle starts. Then you mash B to win.
One boss in the game requires that you win a few chainsaw duels, but it's not that hard, especially if you're playing on normal. The only time I ever lost a chainsaw battle is on insane difficulty.

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Slam on the b button I believe, and it barely happens so you should be happens in multiplayer a lot though

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I think you need to be starting a chainsaw event for it to even pop up. It's no biggie, just button mashing as dutch42 said.
I like the single player story. Nifty science fiction.

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@TooWalrus said:
" The game is absoutely worth the purchase for this reason:
Walrus, I do believe you just won the thread.
You can most likely get through the campaign with an average of 3-4 chainsaw battles. Chainsaw battles occur when you and your opponent each have your chainsaw revved, and clash into each other. When your saws clash, you have to spam the B button with all your might! Depending on who pressed the B button the quickest and most often, wins the chainsaw duel.
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So is it more jacking a vehicle in prototype mashing or is it more defeating a boss in Prince of Persia mashing, because I can do the first but not the latter...
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Yes you can complete the game without engaging in one, and they are incredibly easy to do anyway, so it doesn't even matter, you just mash the B button.

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They are really easy to win in singleplayer. You wouldn't have a problem.

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@CL60 said:
" Yes you can complete the game without engaging in one, and they are incredibly easy to do anyway, so it doesn't even matter, you just mash the B button. "
This, there is only one mandatory fight in the game where you have to do a chainsaw duel and all you do is mash the shit out of the B button. Honestly I rarely used the Lancer as I went through the campaign anyway as the longshot is usually enough to win most situations. I am fairly certain the only reason they were even added was because 2 people walking into each other with chainsaws revved in the first game lead to one person randomly dying and the other not.

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