Spoilers...The Carmine Theory

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#51 Posted by Callumrides (381 posts) -

i agree but i recon there will only be 3 and they said there are 4 of them incase they do make a 4th

#52 Posted by crunchUK (6052 posts) -

it's simple the cog find a power to resurrect carmines from the dead and in gears of war 3 you lead a carmine squad. You also kill dom to make room for all of them in ur squad

#53 Posted by TG_SOLID (74 posts) -

I think Clay (since it's a badass name and one of the main character from Sons of Anarchy) needs to be badass - this is what I think will happen. D will join Delta next, and then he'll get the whole squad fucked, and they'll be about to get taken down by come giant boss, but then Clay will come in and you'll watch in a COD4 style slow motion as you're on the ground and Clay takes on this badass boss you jsut got mauled by. I think that'd be cool. And D should be a boozer, depressed because everyone else got popped.

#54 Posted by Matfei90 (1279 posts) -

Well hey, if you're right about the 4 carmines equalling 4 games, I won't be complaining in the slightest.

#55 Posted by N3vsta (97 posts) -

i think the two remaining carmine brothers are twins and they'll both be fighting tons of locust until one of the gets shot and the other one runs into the horde and isn't seen again...

#56 Posted by FlappyHands (2944 posts) -

Don't you guys get it? They've been setting this up all along so that when the next carmine dies they can do a spin-off called "Saving Private Carmine".

#57 Posted by Pie (7215 posts) -

Crazy person sais what now?

#58 Posted by TheCreambun (135 posts) -

Ok how about this then:

In Gow3 Clay becomes a member of Delta. He is just like his brothers and he will be put i near fatal situations again and again but keeps on surviving. Everyone is waiting for him to bite the bullet, but he survives the entire game... Just to get  teamed up with D.Carmine in GoW4 at whch point he dies in some cruel and/or heroic way. D. will whine about the bad luck that runs in his family and the game ends in with him sacrficing himself for the rest of delta because he's got nothing left to live for.... Or something like that:)

#59 Posted by FlamingHobo (4769 posts) -

In Gears 4, Carmine will take off his helmet. And reveal himself to be Chuck Norris.

He shall then roundhouse kick the entire locust horde in one go...
#60 Edited by SwaBxTHExDeck (30 posts) -

I agree with Meltbrain No. 4 is defently gonna be a carbon copy of Saving Private Ryan which seems bad ass if you ask me.... And the 3rd carmine is supposed to be a bad ass according to a collectable newspaper he is a "war hero" but he is gonna die anyway..

#61 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -

Carmine is like a red suit from Star Trek.

#62 Posted by jkz (4070 posts) -

I think it's going to be the last 2 carmine brothers in the next game, but that Damion will end up being the protagonist when the rest of his squad (including dom+marcus) die in the collapse of one of the locust tunnels

That, at least, would be amazing

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