the online multiplayer sucks @$$

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well i have had the game for several months now but up until a few days ago i never played the online... 
and omgz does it suck 
the filter engine sucks.. i end up playing with people 70 ranks higher than me... not only that people are complete dicks when it comes to annex.. 
they wont even capture the damn area if they can keep killing becuase you have 3 bots on your team (happens to mea whole hell of a lot) 
earlier today i play an annex match online and it lasted almost an hour because the jackasses on the other team wouldnt capture the area just becuase they could keep getting kills off the bots (three on my team) not only that they would all 50 or more ranks higher than me and all they obviously do all day is play gears 2 multiplayer... now i love the horde mode and the co-op aswell as the campaign.. but seriously if this is as good as epic can do with multiplayer... in gears 3 do NOT include online multiplayer... splitscreen offline multiplayer is fun since you dont have to deal with a bunch of dickheads... 
and taking ten minutes just to connect to a match is insane... so i dont see how anyone can really play it online...    
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Stopped reading at "omgz"..... 
But yes I've never been a huge fan of Gears online, just don't feel like I can play how I want to and succeed. Instead, it feels like you need to play a set way to win.

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Lol they were able to objective hold you for almost an hour?! It happens in halo 3 sometimes but only for 20 minutes at max. And in that time it's easy for one team to go +300 so lol that must have sucked well bad for you. They probably wanted to pad their stats.
Anyway, gears 2 is a good game, ruined. The way i see it it is just catastrophically badly set up, but occasionally, just occasionally you get a kind of gilmmer of how fun the game CAN be.

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Yeah, I remember going back to GeoW 1 MP because the sequels online sucked so much. I bought the LE version too.. 

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You didn't quit after a whole hour of them killing you over and over?  That's you fault mate. Who gives a crap about an exp loss?  You wasted an hour of your life getting annoyed at dicks.
I thought this was going to be a rant about the oter dumb things about the game, like planting grenades or the insta kill chainsaw.  Those things basically kill the online for me.  Don't even get me starting on the host advantage with the shotgun

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@IncredibleBulk92 said:
  Don't even get me starting on the host advantage with the shotgun "

i should have added that aswelll
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I didn't find the online matchmaking as bad as it was at launch but its still takes a while to find a game compared to COD4, Halo 3 and even GTA4. What really irritates me is the myriad of glitches that the game shipped with. Epic has done their best to fix most of them but it really pisses me off when I'm playing a map and there is only one enemy player left on the map and he goes and glitches under the map. Sure I could go on Youtube and figure out how to do it but this happened to me on a Flashback Map so Epic has had more than enough time to fix that  one at least. Plus I hate the sheer amount of multiplayer achievements but that's a story for another day.

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Gears of War 2 online just feels very different from the first one. I don't know exactly what it is, maybe it's the fact that they slowed the game down (I was a HUGE Gears of War 1 multiplayer fan, and dare I say, a damn good one too.) or the fact that the shotgun fires differently (one of my main weapons in GOW1), but I just couldn't get into Gears of War 2 multiplayer. I also don't appreciate the stun on smokes or the fact that I can't stop someone with a chainsaw revved as well as I could in the first one. They get stunned when shot, but I feel like they don't get stunned long enough. Otherwise, I liked Gears of War 2's single player. And Horde Mode is pretty damn good. That's usually what I play if I ever get the inclination of going online. Gears of War 3 better patch some shit up, or else I might just rent it.
 I also did not enjoy the lag and the I'm guessing "stand-bying" where I would get a very hitch-y, laggy game and see one team or one person on a team have a disproportionate K/D ratio. The matchmaking seems to take a lot longer than it should, and I've had it to where it was at the cusp of beginning a match only to kick me all the way back to the beginning (twice this has happened out of the many times online, but that's two times too many).

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The lag killed it for me.

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Gears 1 is way better.
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Stopped reading at @.

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Does the reason you get put into games with higher ranked people not have someone to do with the fact that the game is almost a year old, so most people have a high rank in it now? 
I agree with @myketuna that Horde is by far the more fun option online. Get some guys you know on board and that's a seriously fun experience. 
I also agree with the too many multiplayer achievements. I don't like the way you buy a game now, and in order to get your full points on it, you have to spend another $2-30 on it.

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The online multiplayer is great when you're playing with friends who all have mics and are communicating.'s sucks majorly. I never understood the point of playing a game that is so heavily focused on teamwork when you're just going to rush the power weapon by yourself in the first ten seconds of every match. Then you're dead and my team gets stuck with a bot because you rage quit. Great!

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Gears 2.. shit I've wasted far to much of my time playing that game online. It's only really good if you play with friends, at least then you have someone to complain with!

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I don't know what an "AtDollarDollar" is, or how I would go about sucking it.

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