The Story of Gears 2

#1 Posted by musicalmac (41 posts) -

After completing the original Gears, and learning it would be a trilogy, I got to wondering about the second and third games. I was hoping the second would be a prequel, so we could see how the world was, how Marcus got thrown in jail, and (best of all) what E-Day looked like. Then the third game would pick up where the first left off.

I didn't get my wish, but I did get the promise of more story in Gears 2. Is that important to you? Do you feel you want more story in Gears 2, or were you content with the vagueness of the story in the original?

#2 Posted by Orakk (61 posts) -

I want the game to be continued from where the 1st left off. We dont need a prequel :P.


#3 Posted by Jandurin (186 posts) -

Do want more story.  Gears was my first 360 game.

Co-op'ed with a friend. 

#4 Posted by musicalmac (41 posts) -

I think a little more story would be good for the game. I can't say I'm opposed to having a sense of direction.

#5 Posted by Jandurin (186 posts) -

A "sense of direction"?

If I remember the first game... all it gave you was one direction.  :P

#6 Posted by musicalmac (41 posts) -

That's why I wouldn't mind having multiple directions :P

If they made it to be more like GRAW, where you would get missions during other missions, I'd be ok with that.

#7 Posted by Jandurin (186 posts) -

Never played GRAW...

but I like missions inside of missions!

POST 100!  :o

#8 Posted by joshuapohl (43 posts) -

I believe that the story in Gears of War 2 will be much more in depth than Gears 1. I think the first was more a teaser and a lot of the gaps will be filled in.

#9 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

According to Cliffy B, some of the voice actors were litterly crying becuase the story is so emotional

Someone dies, thats the only reason why I think they could cry.  Unless Cliff is lying and they were told to cry for the act.

#10 Posted by Djrocks (91 posts) -

I don't think anyone actually cried, and G.O.W. hasn't been known for the great story so yeah. The way Cliffy B. been talking it looks like G.O.W.2 might actually have a thick story.

#11 Posted by Charles (89 posts) -

I don't want a prequel... At least not yet

#12 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

A better story mode would be great but I mostly care for the multiplayer.

#13 Posted by GagJ (77 posts) -

There definitley paying attention to the universe, especially now that they have a comic book and novel in the works.

#14 Posted by musicalmac (41 posts) -

Well it is an interesting universe, so I wouldn't mind knowing more about it. All I want is to see what E-Day was like. It would be epic.

#15 Posted by Burns09 (340 posts) -

I agree that there should have been more of a story in the first game but I would not want a prequel. In the next game they can give some insight to what happened in the time before gears 1 and advance the plot at the same time.

#16 Posted by Player1 (3921 posts) -

I never thought of a prequel. Maybe we will get one after the third. Just to milk to series a little bit. But id be ok with a little milking myself. 

I think this one will be kind of like halo 2. A really good game, but the story more sets up for a epic third one. But idk It seemed like the first one almost was set up to make the 2nd one epic. So well see. 
#17 Posted by samcotts (2265 posts) -

I definitely want a more story driven game then the first. Gears of War is probably my favourite shooter ever, so adding story to an already brilliant game would be great.

As for a prequel, I'd also like to see one at some point. But I definitely feel gears 2 should be, as it is, continuing off Gears 1.

#18 Posted by brukaoru (5080 posts) -

Gears of war had a really good back-story and I don't mind reading an art book to learn more about it, but I think an evolution of the story is definitely needed because otherwise the sequels would just be the "same game over again but with different areas." It also should help people connect better to the characters and feel more emotions when certain sequences happen.

So yes, I am happy the sequel will be more story-driven.

#19 Posted by epic_pets (1339 posts) -

I want to know more about the queen

#20 Posted by Lemmywinks_360 (66 posts) -

A better story would be great but my only request is a more challenging insane difficulty. Its a breeze playing it with a good teammate.

#21 Posted by MOLE (321 posts) -

Cliffy B said that as long as the Gears of War games make good money, they will continue to make more and more.

#22 Posted by Hulk (428 posts) -

Hulk like story.  Gears 2 have segments that are prequel to Gears 1, but majority of Gears 2 is sequel and rightfully so.

#23 Posted by Callumrides (357 posts) -

yeah more story i agree

#24 Posted by Massmayham67 (5 posts) -

Na i think Epic is going the other way the second is probably going to finish the story and the thrid will be a prequel telling us about when the Locust-human conflict started.

#25 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -

Idc bout the story of gears, i just want to kill

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