This games multiplayer is the same as the first

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Where everyone just runs at each other with shotguns and hope to win.  I've played several matches and have been killed by the shotgun more than anything else.  Epic didn't do anything to the shotgun.  Overall I have had more fun in the campaign than in the multiplayer.

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They did nerf the shotgun, but the multiplayer is far worse IMO, due to the horrible matchmaking. I sometimes wait for 20 minutes to get a game.

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TheGTAvaccine said:
"They did nerf the shotgun, but the multiplayer is far worse IMO, due to the horrible matchmaking. I sometimes wait for 20 minutes to get a game."
This. It's as boring as the first game online only now with the added wait beforehand.
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You get killed by the shotgun? That thing is a piece of crap most of the time.

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you better say it has remained true to its standards

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The shotgun is severely nerfed if you fire from the hip, but if you aim it's still pretty deadly. Regardless, I agree with infinite. Despite Epic's desire to get people to play strategically and use cover, everyone just runs around and shotguns and chainsaws each other. Matchmaking is broken.

The only good multiplayer in Gears 2 IMO is Horde.
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The multi is good.  You have a lancer to start  with.  You should be able to fend off shotgun people especially with the vortex that is the chainsaw.

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I guess I wanted multiplayer gameplay that's more like the campaign. We got that with Horde, so that's a plus. Vs. play online is very run-and-gun and in-your-face. That's not a bad thing, but it doesn't really feel like what Gears of War is designed to be like. Try playing some matches against teams of bots, and there's a HUGE difference.

After thinking about it more, I realized that there were a few problems on Epic's part moving from the campaign to multiplayer. Campaign requires you to fight from behind cover. Also, the enemies take much more damage than you can. Weapons like the shotgun and Lancer chainsaw are only useful in limited situations. 

In multiplayer, all that goes away, since it's an even playing field. The chainsaw and shotgun become overpowered, and the cover system becomes a hindrance when your adversaries are running around.

I'm not really sure what the solution is, but the tweaks Epic made from Gears 2 definitely didn't help much. They tried to rebalance the chainsaw by making it more powerful against the shotgun (bayonet doesn't drop as easily). Then they increased the shotgun's accuracy and range to even it out with the Lancer. What we're left with are two starting weapons that are way overpowered, making it pointless in many matches to seek out other weapons. Cover is pointless too, since you're just a sitting duck for someone somersaulting around the map.
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I think it's a bit better. In gears 1, it felt like the Wild, Wild West with people just rampaging around with shotties destroying any noobs that got in their way.

The shotgun's still powerful, but it feels more refined overall.

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I think there's three things going on with shotguns that I'd like them to change:

a) It's range is too good. The reason, I believe, that people use shotguns exclusively is because it can still kill people from medium range. How many times have you said "Oh shit, shotgun," and started running away only to be pelted from two-covers-distance away?

b) Way too many bullets to start with. Another reason shotgun kicks so much ass is because it never runs out. Have you seen anyone with an empty shotgun? I've seen people with empty Lancers and Hammerbursts. Shotgun should go down to two clip sizes.

c) If my bullet hits someone, I want it to fucking hit them, not clip through their model. In my opinion, this contributes the most to shotgun-only use because it makes lots of long range cover vs. cover combat useless.

The one-shot kill that shotguns give is fair in my opinion, since it usually has to be point blank and chainsaws counter it effectively.

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I don't really care if it's "broken" or whatever.  It's fun for me to play and at the end of a long day, that's what matters. 

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