nerdyninja007's Gears of War 2 (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Epic Delivers Wiith More Gorey Goodness

I love this game. It is everything that Cliff said it would be. Bigger, better, and definately more badass. The story is deeper. The new characters are really cool. Their backgrounds are different and interesting. There are also tons of new enimies. Some of them are boomers with different armor and guns, and others are entirely new. Some huge, some tiny. The multiplayer is great as usual. Horde has to be my new favorite, and the other great modes are there as well. There is a party system and matchmaking, but I only have one problem with that. If you don't have five people in your party, most of the time it will take a long time searching for players. That is the only problem in this game. The co - op is there and also great. There are new gameplay features, such as chainsaw duels, shields, the ability to crawl when downed, and a war journal. In the war journal, there are collectibles, but there are also photos that you can take while specating when you die in multiplayer. Those photos can be uploaded to There are new weapons, such as mortars and the gorgon burst pistol, but the famous ones return as well. Of course, there is also the Unreal Engine Three which powers Gears of War Two's amazing graphics. Once again, great game. My pick for game of the year.    


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