malxmusician212's Gears of War 2 (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review


This game is a game that draws you in from the beginning.  The gameplay is about 10 hours long and the ending resolves close to everything so that u aren't left with questions that NEED to be answer, but leaves enough for another game.

compared to the first:
  • better graphics
  • better story
  • better blood effects
  • better weapons
  • the only way gears 1 is better is the fact that it was a new series
When i rate a game i ask myself the question, will people be talking about this game in a year?  And people will DEFINITELY be talking about this in a year, because of two reasons:
  1. Addicting Multiplayer
  2. Achievements that take A LONG time to get, like 'Party Like it's 1999' where you have to play 1999 rounds of multiplayer, and Seriously 2.0 where you have to get 100,000 kills
The best thing that was added to Gears of War 2 was Horde Mode, where you fight wave after wave of enemies, this not only takes a long time (which is another thing that makes you addicted) but is GREAT for when you have a friend over.

In conclusion, if you have a 360 you should DEFINITELY get this game.  It's very much like it's predecessor, but how could you, and why would you, want to change a series so great to begin with?  The story mode connects you to characters and to the gameplay itself.  GET THIS GAME
best weapon addition, Gorgon Pistol, automatic pistol with, about, 5 shot bursts with a great amount of damage


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