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Best game of 2008

Developers promis a lot of things, but few games live up to those. Rewind to E3 where Cliffy. B promised the world that Gears of War 2 will be bigger, better, and more bad-ass than the 1 game. The time is now to judge it and is it these 3? Yes, yes, and yes. Gears of War 2’s story takes place 6 months after the 1 game. The Locus have started to plunge cities into the ground. The Human race’s Gears team has no choice to go below and rip the Locus a new one and it’s up to Delta Squad and there leader, Marcus Phenoix, to find how the locus are doing this and stop them. Underneath this is Dom’s search for his wife, Maria. As War stories go, Gears 2 does a great job. It does get melodramatic, but it’s not a big deal and it adds a human touch to the story. Gears of War 2’s Gameplay is pretty much the same, but redefined. First of are the new toys. You have the Locus standered gun that’s much better than the old sub-machine gun that shoot a few bullets at a time. Another new one is the Mortor. It’s hard to use, but deals an explosive amount of damage. There’s also the scourcher, a flamethrower, and so much more that woun’t be spoiled. There are also new abilities. When your down, you can now wait for your allie to heal you and crawl by mashing the A button. You can also do a finishing move with a downed enemy or use them as a meat shield. Also, when you and an enemy use chain saws, your get cought in a chain saw duel where the strongest button masher will win. Like the last game, you’ll follow a linear path going to point a to point b, shooting everything in you path. There also tones of enemies on the screen, which can make things challenging and pretty hectic. There’s also more encounters with enemies such as Broomakes and Ravers and you fight them early and often. It’s a great feeling you have when there are plentiful of enemies both big and small. The cover system has also gotten an upgrade as now you can now make tables and other things cover. Also, no longer will duck in to cover to things you don’t want to cover in. It really makes the gameplay feel refined. The Single player is paced perfectly, and when your done with that, you have multiplayer. There are tones of new maps and you can download old ones for free. The gameplay options are death match, team death match, capture the flag, kill the leader, and new modes. Wing Man basicly splits you into teams of 2 and you must fight other teams of 2. Hoard is where tones of enemies will come on screen and there about 50 enemies to kill. This will make team work crutial and makes it a whole lot of fun. There’s not really a problem with the gameplay. There are also viechle section. Controling them is easy to do, and fun to do. Gears of War 2’s presentation is top noatch. The graphics are increadible. Along with better textures, there’s also more color and lighting used in the Gears 2. The creature and the Character models look better. The scale of Gears 2 is incredible due to the massive Levels that look incredible. The audio is also increadible with Inrceabible Ocasrated Music perfectly fitting the mood and fantastic voice acting. Gears of War 2 is everything Cliffy Promised, It’s bigger thanks to the bigger scale, it’s better with the new weapons, bigger scale, impoved graphics, and gameplay twikes, and is more Bad-ass thanks to all of the above. Don’t think that this is Gears 1.5, it’s a sequel. If you’re a fan of shooters, or enjoying Video games in any way, The is a must buy. Unless you don’t want play a shooter with some of the most bad-ass weapons in gaming.

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