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Amazing game, however may be lacking for some

I won't discredit GOW 2 in any way, for it is an absolutely amazing game. The game play is one of a kind, the campaign is deep and sophisticated, and ultimately Epic was able to build off of Gears 1, which was by far a personal favorite. However, I play online mulitplayer primarily, and at times the experience is lacking. Patches have been released to fix lag and glitches, however there are still soft-spots. Besides this, some weapons and aspects seem unnessecary for hardcore online play, such as flamethrower, boomshield, and the virtual invinsiblity of the chainsaw once it is revved. However at times these weapons and aspects make the game even more ridiculously fun than it already is, which overall leads me to believe that this game is very, very good. With the complexity of the gameplay it is no wonder that it may lag at times, and the patches are improving it somewhat. If some aspects seem unnessecary, and it annoys you that much that they exist, they can be avoided, and never really decrease the integrity of the online-play that significantly.


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