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All slaughter, no plot.

Of all the post apocalyptic, emotionless paper flat enemy, religious symbolic, bad ass talking, lets kill some baddies but hold on I want to cry about my family, kids, partner, or sexual inadequacy games that I have played Gears of War is officially this best. If you want to play a hell wreaking duck and cover oh my fucking god if I get hit one more time that is curtains for me shooter then Gears is where you should be headed. However, DO NO try to look for a story amongst the gunmetal-grey mishmash of blood, guts, inaudible Locusts shouting, and roaring chainsaws. Not once did the guys at epic attempt to explain the current state of the planet, what the Locusts are, or who the fuck the COG is for that matter.

If you would like to know the premise of this game wrapped up in a neat little bow then here it is. “Oh man we just got done fighting that war with with humans and now we know the COGs are the best OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT IS THAT CRAWLING OUT OF THE GROUND SHOOT IT SHOOT IT SHOOT IT!!!!!!” Hell, if I had just popped in to say hello to the race of intelligent creatures that lived above my head and they started shooting at me I too would shoot back! Gears of War gives no depth or explanation to anything they throw you into. This works well sometimes for the enemies because it adds a bit of mystery to them but it does horribly for everything else. Yea, I don't know what exactly I am fighting but neither do I know who the fuck I am. Marcus and Dom hold no place in the Gears of War world, they might as well be a pair of mindless androids obeying the every command of 'mission control.' Sometime they obey orders so mindlessly it seems unrealistic. “All this is left open for your interpretation, It will be explained in the final game” you say however I say “there is nothing to interpret I will only buy the final game to expect more killing.”

Now, if you get past the complete lack of depth for Gears of War which makes it impossible to get lost in the game then you will find yourself a very smoothly composed shooter. Multiplayer is very fun if you want to slaughter a few of your friends and the addition of horde is nice for those guys like me who are just looking for something that isn't 100% intense 100% of the time. The campaign is equally easy to understand. Marcus yells 'Lets kill some grubs' and so you proceed to 'kill grubs' till you reach the end of your linear path and another cut scene plays with the purpose only to explain how you get to your NEXT location where you will 'kill MORE grubs.' I found the controls to be very fluid, all aspects of this game seem to work quite smoothly together making it a joy to play. I will be recommending the game to my friends in the future but I will make sure that they know to not expect their mind to be played or toyed with in any way.

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