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Gears of War 2 review

Pretty good enough sequel to one of the top selling Xbox 360 exclusive titles.  There are some new things they added that are pretty cool and there are some things that put it down but it still is a good sequel overall.

The story continues off from the first Gears as you are fighting the locusts.  It starts off with B. Carmine coming in and you can either learn to play (train) or just get into the fight.  There are some new characters that you will meet in the game and you meet Tai first in the first section of the game.  You are fighting locust hordes in the hospital.  Then you clear the place and then the story goes on...They do try to add a lot of drama to the story of Gears of War 2 (especially the involvement of Dom's wife) and the voice acting of the game can have you asking, "Am I supposed to feel bad if I found that funny??"  But I suppose the storyline surpasses the first.

Horde is also a really cool new co-op gameplay mode in which you can 5 players and fight hordes of locusts and each wave gets difficult as you progress.  Then also they've built a matchmaking server, in which you can invite up to 5 people and try to get into a game.

Online, I would say I'm mixed on.  It can be pretty fun playing this game but there will also be a lot of frustration with playing this game.  Chainsawing, which in Gears of War 1 took a lot of skill to do, is just the everyday thing to do with a lot of players.  It is completely overdone and can get very annoying.  Also the new update didn't really fix the chainsaw, and it actually worsened the game.  But luckily, you can still play private like you could on Gears of War 1.  Even better, you can just play with bots if you don't have full players on each team.  The bots are pretty insane and it's very funny seeing them fight when you're dead.

Overall, it's a good enough sequel with some problems fixed, some problems introduced, and some problems still left.  I could still play this every so often but I would just have to be in the mood.

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