godlyawesomeguy's Gears of War 2 (Limited Collector's Edition) (Xbox 360) review

Gears Of War 2 unbias review

4 1/2/5 stars
Gears Of  War 2 will sell well for a reason

the good-
*really awesome graphics improves upon the already groundbreaking graphics of the original
*gory finishing kills are a guilty pleasure
*story is darker than original
*water-effects are Metal Gear Solid 4 good (if not better)
*weapons are all-new and more satisfying
*Horde mode is revolutionary
*co-op is fully playable offline and online, with drop-in and drop-out support- independent difficulty levels are a good idea
*stays true to original combat formula
the bad-
*the story, while good, dosent offer the answers I was searching for.
*versus multiplayer is fun on occasion, but I just cannot get used to the style of play (I didnt like it, but you may find it to be awesome)
*no 4-player co-op is disappointing.
*some very minor texture glitches


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